10 Christmas Card Ideas Created by Women

Christmas card BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of belatina.com

One of my favorite parts of receiving a gift is the card. There’s something about opening a greeting card that speaks to you, be it with the style, the font, or the message. 

But is it me, or are grocery store greeting cards not cutting anymore? Their selection feels played out and monotonic — the cards don’t seem to have much personality. But it’s time we break away from those bland cards and switch over to something with more “umph.”

That’s why we’ve raked through the web to give you better options for your holiday cards this year. 

Below find some witty and fun holiday greeting cards created by women. Yes, of course, we are highlighting the creativity of queens. Did you expect any less from us?

Paper Tacos

Paper Tacos Christmas card BELatina Latinx

Okay, Jose Feliciano and the holidays go together like cheese and hot chocolate (don’t @ me.) I can’t think of anyone who would not love receiving this greeting card. 

Cost: $5


Pyarful Christmas Card BELatina Latinx

Pyarful is filled with South Asian-inspired greeting cards, and we are loving them. This card speaks to me personally because I’m as much a cafe con leche lover as a chai lover. Subtle hint: Will someone get me this card?

Cost: $4.25

Crafty Chica

Crafty Chica Christmas Card BELatina Latinx

Crafty Chica always comes through with her creations. Support this Latina and her small business by sending this greeting card to your favorite emotional person. But make sure they understand it’s all love — you don’t want to cause an unexpected chilladera. 

Cost: $3.99


BY MS JAMES Christmas Card BeLatina Latinx

The holidays aren’t complete without the inclusion of a gingerbread family. Look closely at the card and see the artist’s amazing job capturing their expressions. 

Cost: $6

Kitsch Noir

Kitsch Noir Christmas Card BELatina Latinx

If you know anyone who seems to omit seasoning from their cooking, this card will give them the opportunity to become acquainted with seasoning — all while keeping the holiday spirit alive. Maybe this card will inspire them to buy spices once and for all and become the greatest cook. Or maybe not.

Cost: $3.60 

Papelitos Lindos 

Papelitos Lindos BELatina Latinx

Celebrate an inclusive holiday with this beautiful greeting card featuring a papel picado banner. It’s blank inside, so you can write whatever your soul desires. 

Cost: $6


MISfitted Christmas Card BELatina Latinx

Who says we can’t take the time to inspire and motivate others during the holiday season? In fact, I feel it’s more fitting during this time. Give this card to any guerrera in your circle — they deserve to know that they can handle anything they set their mind to. 

Cost: $6

Erica Alfaro Designs

Erica Alfaro Designs BELatina Latinx

The holiday season is perfect for reminding others of your love for them. And what better way to do that than reminding them with the catchphrase of our favorite astrologer, Walter Mercado.

Cost: $5

Mazapan Paper Co.

Mazapan Paper Co BELatina Latinx

For those living in warmer climates during the holidays, this one’s for you. Send these out to those scraping ice from their front porch the next few months and let them know that they’re in your thoughts (as you enjoy an ice-cold margarita on the beach.) 

Cost: $5


Valfré BELatina Latinx

The holidays can be sexy, didn’t you know? Though this is a fun card to give, just make sure it doesn’t get gifted to your abuela. I don’t think she’d appreciate it (LOL.) 

Cost: $6