An Exciting Collaboration: Future Fambo and Amara La Negra Join Forces on the Single ‘Toa Toa’

Future Fambo Amara La Negra BELatina Latinx
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The name Future Fambo may not ring a bell. However, the Jamaican artist has been a milestone in the dancehall genre since the mid-1990s. Raised in the Garden Parish of St. Ann, Fambo hails from a cultural epicenter that saw some legendary icons of Jamaican culture like Marcys Garvey, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and Shabba grow up.

The veteran dancehall artist is now celebrating his latest collaboration with Afro-Latina singer and star Amara La Negra, which could open doors for him in the Spanish market.

“How this collab came about is that my team knows Cruz Rock, who produced the song. I met Amara La Negra on set at the video shoot in Miami, and her energy is good. Although I am featured on the track, I hadn’t met her, and she sent for me when she was having her make-up done, and the vibes were good. She loves Jamaica. It was just a brother and sister vibes. She followed me on Instagram and, of course, I followed her back,” Future Fambo told The Jamaica Star.

Fambo is in the United States promoting his EP and organizing the next chapter of his professional career.

“Now that some venues are opening up, events are looking better for next year, and I have all my paperwork in the system. My focus now is promoting and putting in the work recording. As an artist, it is important to keep moving towards things that are positive, stay current, update your bio, always have new pictures and do music that lasts,” he added.

Future Fambo launched his career in the mid-1990s under the name Future Troubles and had his first hit with his song Kung Fu, released on Courtney Cole’s Roof International label. Other singles were released on Shocking Vibes, Digital-B, Ghetto Youth Productions, and Freddie McGregor’s Big Ship.

Following the success (and pressure) of his first hit, Fambo has had other hits such as Hong Kong Mi Born”, “Lava Lava Gal,” “John Goh Deh,” “Matey Know Wifey Secret,” and “How Many Girls,” which he did with Beenie Man on the Grammy-winning “Art & Live” album.