College Allows Student to Wear a Costume as A Detained Undocumented Immigrant

Undocumented Immigrant Costume BELatina Latinx

We can all agree that the Halloween season can get a little weird, especially Halloween weekend. And as long as it’s done in good and healthy nature, there’s no need to look too much into it. After all, there can be wholesome excitement when we see others flaunting their costumes.

However, some people continue to miss the memo about the basis of the holiday. Let’s take a student from a Jesuit, Catholic college, Le Moyne College, for instance. 

This student decided that it was a good idea to wear an “illegal immigrant” costume to campus a few days ago. What’s even worse is that their costume was spotlighted on the school’s softball Instagram page (it’s since been deleted.) Apparently, the coach saw nothing wrong with the student’s choice of costume either. 

Now, this college student should know better by now, but this falls on the professors and coaches too. Why didn’t they find this behavior appalling? As a former educator, if I ever saw any of my students disrespecting any culture, I know I’d be livid. 

First of all, NO human being is ever to be considered illegal. That is not a thing. By now, everyone should know that questioning someone’s legality is fundamentally racist and xenophobic. Ultimately, stamping any concept of “illegality” on a human being in this nation only perpetuates the idea of American exceptionalism and the whiteness of this country as superior. 

Le Moyne College has minimal enrollment of students from historically excluded cultures, so they might not understand the gravity of the situation (even though their website states that discrimination goes against their values.)

Their statement was tepid, to put it kindly. Their efforts aren’t deemed enough by many of the student body. But they went back, business as usual as if an entire community wasn’t ridiculed for some ill-hearted laughs. 

More needs to be done regarding this situation. If I were part of this school, I’d make sure that everyone was shuffling around to get some training on creating culturally responsive spaces all over the school. 

Though the school lacks students from underserved populations, it doesn’t mean that there weren’t other students at bay, looking at this blatant display of disrespect. 

Le Moyne College — you need to do better. The world is watching. 

And here’s the thing: Halloween should be a simple, fun-filled holiday. There’s no need to offend or demean anyone for the sake of a good time. It’s incredible that we are in 2021 and still have to remind people of this.