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Could This Be Lionel Messi’s Last World Cup?

Could This Be Lionel Messi’s Last World Cup? Belatina latine
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Argentinian soccer legend Lionel Messi is now 35 years old and, according to him, this year’s World Cup could very well be his last tournament and the final chance to get a victory for his country. 

“This is a special moment, most likely my last World Cup,” said Messi. The Argentinian star just led Argentina to a 2-0 victory over Mexico to advance to the World Cup elimination round. 

This is Lionel Messi‘s fifth World Cup appearance. If he were to play in another World Cup after this tournament in Qatar, he would be 38 years old and well past his prime. Age isn’t only a concern for Lionel Messi on Argentina‘s roster. Fellow stars like midfielder Angel Di Maria is 34 years old. Forward Paulo Dybala is 29 years old and coming back from an injury just in time for the elimination rounds. The time for Messi and Argentina to make a World Cup title push is now. According to Messi, it is “my last opportunity to make my dream, our dream, a reality.” 

Lionel Messi is currently part of the PSG roster, which is quite possibly the greatest team ever assembled. Even though he’s the “one and only” Messi, he never quite found his footing in PSG. The face of the club is French star Kylian Mbappe.

What’s next for Messi?

There have been recent reports suggesting that inter-Miami, an MLS team, will offer Lionel Messi the largest contract in MLS history. It is reported that after his final season with PSG, Lionel Messi will take his talents to Miami and finish his career playing in America. This move will most assuredly mean that this World Cup tournament is the last time Messi will be performing in the highest level of competition. 

Everyone has taken part in the debate of Messi versus Ronaldo. Growing up, I was a huge fan of the latter – even though Lionel Messi arguably has more accomplishments on the soccer field than Cristiano Ronaldo.

If Messi can lead Argentina to the World Cup victory this year, there is no argument that one could make against him being the best player to ever kick a ball, and I say this as a hard-core Real Madrid fan, and the biggest fan of the 1958 Brazilian World Cup team left on earth. 

Are you sad to see Messi in the descent of his career, or are you excited for new blood?

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