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How Can We Effectively Use This Time of Pause (Due to World’s Quarantine) in Our Lives to Create Greatness

Create Greatness BELatina

The world is months into quarantine in most areas. Our lives are on pause until the government can determine the timing for reopening businesses, schools, dining, self-care, and all social and entertainment avenues. The only option we have is to embrace the time, finding ways to nurture an environment of physical and mental well-being. It is not an easy task during the best of circumstances; achieving the goal in a time where the normal is challenged appears impossible. If this is the current expectation, how do we create greatness in a period of such uncertainty? 

Greatness does not happen in a day, week, or month: It is a gradual progression. We don’t wake up one morning to superhero powers as they do in the movies. The evolution of this marvelous character happens with time, experience, and hard work. An assumption that a pause will suddenly change human behavior to unrealistic heights is unfair. The temporary stop in our routine won’t necessarily fabricate a miracle but will make space for an opportunity. A chance to improve is viable but the way it happens will not be the same for all of us. 

The past several weeks have tested patience, leaving us to figure out what to do with life minus distractions. Life can often be less complicated when on autopilot; however, once forced to hit the breaks, everything is at a standstill staring you in the face. Lately, conversations with friends and family have taken a more serious tone. Social media seems to have an increase in messages meant to be more uplifting or to help you with distinction. How do you set yourself apart, using the pause to do something spectacular? Coaches, experts, and communities of people are telling us to utilize this period to seek greatness. The mounting pressure to design a personal masterpiece can cause major stress, even sadness. If we don’t rise to the occasion, does that mean we aren’t good enough? Then, how do we use this time effectively in an effort to make life amazing?

Each person’s version of magnificent will differ. It can come in the way of being the best teacher for your child’s online school learning, preparing new dishes in the kitchen for the family, even giving yourself the gift of self-reflection. Using the days to do the things that keep you balanced and energized while constructing an environment that is fruitful for you is most worthwhile at this challenging time. Creating greatness does not require you to write a great novel, become a worldwide athlete, or discover the next big idea. You are the owner of your story, and get to define what greatness means for you. Do so, on your own terms while staying safe.

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