Every Business Should Be Developing This Safety Technology

Creator Safety BELatina Latinx
Photo credit via creator.rest.

They have always used robots to make their burgers, but now they’ve also built a sealed take-out window and pressure system that protects the inside of the restaurant from outside air! In SoMa, San Francisco, this fast-food restaurant is giving their customers the safest take-out and delivery experiences. 

Creator opened in 2018 as the world’s first robot-made burger joint. This was an eight-year long project which included a full team of experienced engineers, including its own CEO, Alex Vardakostas. Their mission was “to reduce the cost of high quality food,” which is reflected in their $6.07 burgers. 

safety BELatina Latinx
Photo credit via creator.rest

However, the restaurant’s devices were not meant to displace human labor. These machines only relocated workers to over-the-counter positions where customers can interact with employees, ask questions, and make their orders. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has completely changed the game when it comes to human interaction.

Creator’s got a plan for that too! Their sit-in area has been closed since the spike of coronavirus cases in the state of California, but take-out and delivery were made available in the safest way possible. This time their engineers worked around the clock to design and develop a pressurized transfer chamber, which keeps outside air from entering the restaurant and has a self-sanitizing conveyor surface. As a result, they have created a protective shield for both their staff and customers.

Additionally, some of Creator’s extra measures to eliminate human contact include a double-bag packing system via a heat sealer. How does it work? Well, after the food is cooked (by robots), the meals are hermetically heat-sealed with food safety technology. Before delivery, tamper-evident stickers are also added to the presentation in order to reveal if the opening of the bag has been interfered with. Are you still skeptical? You might need to watch a video:

This is not even the best part of it all! Creator’s team has made the design plans for the Creator Transfer Chamber available to other restaurants. Any business interested in minimizing the spread of COVID-19 among their staff and guests may find instructions on their website. Not only are their plans easily accessible online but so are they. Creator’s team has opened a request form for businesses who may need help to build their own chamber as well.

Downloading and utilizing these resources are significant steps towards contactless, more sanitary options for restaurants, especially as we see a rising of coronavirus cases in states like Arizona and Florida. With a 100 percent perfect health inspection score, Creator is setting a great example for businesses across the country.