Dawer X Damper, the Urban Duo Challenging Gender Norms

Dawer X Damper BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of shock.co

Now more than ever, we see more and more national and global artists challenging both feminine and masculine norms. Whether it’s by seeing colored nails on artists such as Bad Bunny or challenging their own country’s gender norms like Nicki Nicole does by rapping in a male-dominated music industry, we live in an exciting time pushing the narrative of non-binary terms and characteristics.

One of the artists doing this all while experimenting with Afro-futuristic elements is emerging Colombian duo Dawer x Damper. Dawer X Damper, from Aguablanca, Cali, is known for using their platform to show a softer, more feminine side to urban musicians. In doing so, they are providing a different type of narrative from urban duos, showing that there’s more to what we see in mainstream media.

We see their efforts in their colorful, playful, and vibrant video “Dulce” where, according to their press release, their aim was “an aesthetic that controverts gender roles and forms of love discourse.” That’s not the only medium they express their ideas; they also implement this non-binary notion within their lyrics. 


We had a chance to speak to Damper of Dawer X Damper about this musical project and their gender-breaking mission, and here’s what he had to say.

How did the Dawer x Damper musical project come to be?

It emerged from the need to do something fresh, simple, and with a groundbreaking concept: with the idea of challenging stereotypes.

Tell us why it’s important to redefine masculinity in your project? We see it in your style. How else do you incorporate this?

It’s due to the same need to break out of the established and knowing how little society has listened to us. That shows us that what is built is a space in which we do not all fit.

Inclusion is one of your main themes. Tell us how you convey this through your lyrical content.

Leaving aside gender when speaking. For example, when we write, it is neither he nor she. We simply speak “from someone to someone.”

What social causes are important to you, and how do you help this cause?

Art as an element of transformation in low-income neighborhoods. Incidence of social work within the territory. And the way we do it is by going and continuing the processes of motivation, management, and reunion.

What is your unique musical process to create this Afro-futurism sound? 

Our process is to appropriate our heritage to make “other possibilities” feasible with the tools we have and the tools we can leave to the next generations.

What’s next for Dawer x Damper?

Music, travel, videos, festivals, concerts, and collaborations.

Anything else you’d like to include? 

Thank you for the opportunity and the space. It makes us very happy to know that you are there. Join us in this!