Meet Deborah Gonzalez, Georgia’s First Hispanic District Attorney

Deborah Gonzalez BeLatina Latinx
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There are still many historic victories of last November’s that are yet to be written about.

In the case of Deborah Gonzalez, it is a multiple win.

Gonzalez became Georgia’s first Hispanic district attorney after winning the second round of a race where she could only compete after suing the governor.

According to NBC, Gonzalez entered the race for the office after the state Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of her suit against Gov. Brian Kemp, who used a 2018 state law to delay the district attorney’s election until November 2022.

The now Latina district attorney ran as a progressive candidate for the Democratic Party, defeating James Chafin with 51.66% of the vote, becoming the first Latina elected as district attorney in the state, the first woman to serve as district attorney in the circuit, and the first Puerto Rican woman in the country to be elected as district attorney.

The candidates split the counties, with Chafin winning more votes in Oconee County than Gonzalez. According to the Georgia secretary of state’s results, Gonzalez won more than twice as many votes as Chafin in Clarke County.

“We did this together. This is the people’s vote. We are ready to roll up our sleeves, work really hard to bring justice to Athens and Oconee,” Gonzalez said in a Facebook video.

Gonzalez is a former member of the Georgia General Assembly and served as state representative for Georgia’s House District 117 from November 27, 2017, to January 14, 2019.

With over 20 years of experience as an attorney, it is expected that her new position will transform her into a leader towards urgent criminal justice system reform.