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Decoding Your Dreams: 10 Common Themes and Their Meanings

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Dreams have always been a topic of mystery among people — while some dreams are straightforward, some dreams are not that easy to decipher. Perhaps most fascinating are recurring themes that appear in your own subconscious time after time, many of which are also experienced by the rest of us despite the fact that we all have different life experiences dictating our dreams. 

Here are ten of the most common dreams and what they may mean:

10 Flying

One of the most common dreams, flying is mostly the reverse of the falling dream. It indicates that your life is going in the right direction and you mostly feel a sense of superiority (in a good way)!

9 Naked in Public

You’re going about your business and suddenly realize you’re naked at work or at the grocery store! Experts believe that being in your birthday suit in your dream brings to light the things you don’t want others to know about you and represents vulnerability and anxiety.

8 Teeth Falling Out

Many people have this dream when they feel that they are chewing something in their mouths, and when they spit out to see it, they find that it is their teeth. Teeth symbolize confidence and power. If you dream of your teeth falling out, it means that there is something happening in your waking life that is crushing your confidence.

7 Cheating

Before you go accusing your mate of being unfaithful, keep in mind that this dream should not be taken as a sign of a woman’s intuition. According to dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, the cheating dream happens when your partner is spending too much time and attention on something that does not involve you (and it is not necessarily another woman, relax).

6 Free Falling

Falling aimlessly through the air is one of the most common dreams. Feeling yourself falling while dreaming means that you are trying to hold on to a situation too tightly in your real life. Whether in work, relationships, or elsewhere — evaluate what you should be letting go of…

5 A Baby

Don’t break out the pregnancy test just yet! Dreaming of a baby often represents something new — a new idea, new project at work, new development, or the potential for growth in a specific area of your life.

4 Getting Chased

Often one the scariest dreams — the anxiety of being chased while asleep is usually so vivid that it makes it easier for us to remember them. Chase dreams are great to help us understand that we may not be addressing something in our lives that require our attention.

3 Running Late

Being late is a classic anxiety dream and is one of the more common dreams that women are likely to have. If you are often late in your dreams it could indicate that you are losing an important opportunity in your real life or that you’ve taken on much more than you can handle and are stressed about not being able to achieve it all.

2 Taking a Test

You have an exam and can’t find the room, you are late or haven’t studied! To dream of a test represents a challenging situation in your life or could also reflect a fight, an ordeal, or a sense of pressure.

1 Childhood Home

Houses are symbols of the self, so returning to an old house means you are looking back at an old way of being. When your childhood home has new rooms — it’s a good indicator that you’ve added new talents, people, and experiences to your life.

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