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Dreading the Logistics of a Break-Up? There’s a Service for That!

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Who wouldn’t pay a small fortune to avoid the messy (dreadful) aftermath of a break-up? The logistical hassle alone is enough to make anyone run for the hills, but if you’re lucky enough to live in New York, you can now outsource all of the awkwardness. That’s right, with one click of your finger, you can have an entire team devoted to doing all of the dirty work for you.

Enter Onward: the revolutionary post-breakup concierge service. Need to find a new place to live or pick up your stuff from your ex? No worries, they’ve got you covered. Aside from being an absolute dream come true, your team will come up with a plan to handle the good, the bad, and the ugly of moving on.

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The company launched on Valentine’s Day (when many relationships tend to lead astray) and strongly emphasizes empowerment. Co-founders, Mika Leonard and Lindsay Meck are long-term best friends, who used their own break-up experiences as the basis for creating the service. “As difficult as it was, it gave me a roadmap so that when Lindsay went through the same experience with so many similarities, I was able to point her in the right direction,” Leonard told Yahoo.

“And I realized, If I’ve gone through it, she’s gone through it and we know others that have gone through it, this is by no means a unique experience that people are having. We saw that this could be something we could help other people with,” she added.

Both friends understand that relationship endings are full of emotional hurdles that can make logistical planning a nightmare. Separations are no joke, especially if you’ve been living with the person. For example, how do you get off your partner’s insurance plan or change phone companies? What if you need to co-parent a pet? These are tricky scenarios that the company is ready to take head on.

Onward offers flexible prices and allows you to customize your plan according to your budget and length of support. You can choose anywhere from a 10-day reboot to a 3-month recalibrate with a bevy of options to make your life easier, including self-care strategies like finding the right therapist.

Moving forward shouldn’t have to be a dragged out, painful process. Having a whole team in your corner can make the difference between a few crappy weeks and taking ownership of your life. As best stated on their websiteIt sucks, but it will get better. We’re here to help.”

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