Follow These Latinas Whose Higher Education Experience Inspires Others on Instagram

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College is a tricky environment to navigate, especially if you’re Latina, even more so if you are a first-generation student. Being in an environment where most people do not look like you can be isolating and disorientating. We naturally gravitate towards other Latinas who have been there to get a sense of familiarity, learn from their successes and mistakes, and see someone who has been successful in a college or university space. 

Luckily, there are more and more of these college and college grad Latinas out there, and they are using Instagram as a platform to share their knowledge, paying it forward. We want to help you as much as possible to enter college confident, supported, and informed. Here are several educated Latinas to follow, right now, on Instagram. 


Law school is intimidating, and you need a solid support network and the right tools to succeed there. Over at LAWTINA OFFICIAL, a “Salvadoreña law grad” makes things a bit easier for you, “sharing advice, resources,” [offering a] “network, and sharing our [other Lawtina’s] stories.” It’s inspiring to see all the happy faces of several Latinas who have graduated from law school and read their motivating words. Added bonuses are the Latinx Legal Directory slated for this year and the cool Lawtina gear you can buy and rock proudly. 


Next on our list of educated Latinas to follow on Instagram is Latinx en Academia. On this account, Marcella “Fresita” Rodriguez shares “first-gen student resources, [a] new podcast every Tuesday, [an] IGTV series on [her] EdD journey, [and an] events calendar on [her] website.” Latinx en Academia is an informative, instant community that will keep you from feeling alone as a first-generation college student.


With 12.7 thousand followers on Instagram, Latinx en Medicina has proven a support system for Latinxs who embark on a career keeping others healthy. There, you’ll find funny, relatable, and inspiring videos, helpful tips such as How to Apply for Residency Programs as an International Medical Graduate, important facts and stats, motivational quotes from Latinxs in the medical field, and more. 


Looking to become a researcher? Did you know that there is an Instagram account dedicated to Latinas in this field? Yes, Emerging Latina Researchers is an online space that offers the stories of Latinas in research and shares tips, including Consejos for Writing an Op-ed, calls for panelists, and has an Emerging Latina Researchers Femtorship Program, an August Writing Collective, and more. 


In order to feel a part of a community on campus, make friends, and network, many Latinas will join either a sorority or fraternity. Latinx Greek Life shows us how Latinxs thrive in Greek society on campuses throughout the United States. You’ll learn about individual brothers and sisters, as well as about specific fraternities and sororities you may want to join. The account is another opportunity to see Latinxs thriving in spaces (particularly educational spaces) where we haven’t been seen for so long. 


Guatemalan and Mexican Michelle Sandoval is the Latina behind Latina Talks College. Using her experience “as a first-generation college graduate of Stanford,” the coach will help you navigate through things like your college applications, work-study, financial aid, the Educational Opportunity Program, and more.