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Iconic Latina Artist Eljuri Gives Us a Taste of Her Long-Awaited Fifth Studio Album

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Image courtesy of Eljuri.

When it comes to cultural intersections, no one epitomizes them better than iconic Latina artist Eljuri.

A consummate songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Eljuri breaks musical and social boundaries, taking risks that give her music a unique sonority in the industry.

Born in Ecuador and based in New York, Eljuri has always demonstrated a social sensibility.

The daughter of Ecuadorian-born Paco Villar, the revered pioneer of radio, television, and theater, and Olga Eljuri, a renowned composer in Ecuador, Cecilia’s career was nurtured from an early age. She was immersed in music and the arts.

From a very young age, Eljuri wrote songs, played guitar, and would sneak into shows to listen to her favorite bands. She began performing professionally at age 17 with The Trouble Dolls, filling historic New York rock clubs like CBGB’s and The Bitter End.

Musically restless, she formed the band Grupo Fiesta (1998). Drawing inspiration from her Latin roots, her music, lyrics, and arrangements began to resonate with that style.

Eljuri’s debut album was released in 2008 under the indie label Manovill Records, and she has since released three more albums.

Considered one of the best Latin guitarists in the world, Eljuri celebrates “Reflexión,” her fifth studio album, and will be touring with her powerhouse trio in support of the release during 2022 and 2023 in the United States, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

In her new production, Eljuri offers us hypnotic and undeniable melodies that are both familiar and foreign at the same time, which you can hear in her latest single, “Salvando la Tierra.”

With heavy guitar, rock, Latin, Middle Eastern, reggae, funk, and dance rhythms that envelop stories of resilience, refuge, our borders, and the planet, the humanitarian rock star empowers the Latino community, our friends, and allies.

“My greatest passion is songwriting,” Eljuri says. “I feel empowered to testify about life in 2022. I consider myself a conduit to the voices of those I encounter when I travel and tour internationally. My music mirrors the things that resonate in my soul.”

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