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Embrace Your Super Poder: Paulette Piñero’s Message to Unstoppable Latinas  

Embrace Your Super Poder: Paulette Piñero's Message to Unstoppable Latinas  
Credit: Paulette Piñero 

There’s a new wave of Latinas who are pushing the envelope more so than before – and they are encouraging others to do the same. After years of being pushed to the side, Latinas are making sure the world sees and hears them. From being a great contributor to U.S. economy and small businesses, this demographic is a force to be reckoned with. Of course, the progress we’ve seen in recent years didn’t happen overnight. Greatness takes a village, which means there have been numerous Latinas at the forefront of this movement making sure our community is valued. One of these Latinas is Paulette Piñero. 

Hailing from Ponce, Puerto Rico, she is changing lives and shattering barriers. With over 15 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, human services, and education, Paulette’s journey from social work to becoming an advocate for Latina empowerment is nothing short of extraordinary. In an exclusive conversation with BELatina News, Paulette shared her unfiltered wisdom and passion for empowering Latinas as well as her upcoming venture the “Unstoppable Latina Show.” 

What It Means to be an ‘Unstoppable Latina’ According to Paulette Piñero

Before we got into it, we asked Paulette what it meant to be an “Unstoppable Latina.” She responded to BELatina by saying that being an “Unstoppable Latina” isn’t just a term; it’s a philosophy she lives and breathes. “Being an Unstoppable Latina means boldly pursuing your dreams and purpose while uplifting others along the way,” she shared. “It’s about harnessing our innate super poder to create positive change. Unstoppable Latinas are proud of our roots and draw strength from our community, using our voices to speak up for what matters.” 

Paulette firmly believes that every Latina possesses unstoppable potential. “All Latinas are unstoppable! This means that we are responsible for getting clear on our passions, investing in personal growth, building a supportive community, speaking our truth, and boldly pursuing our dreams,” she affirmed. “You are unstoppable when you have the courage to take risks, tune out limiting beliefs, and above all, BELIEVE en ti misma! Your potential is limitless.” 

Acknowledging the hurdles Latinas often face, Paulette highlighted self-doubt as a significant obstacle. “The biggest obstacle tends to be ourselves,” she observed. “We have to be our own heroes. We allow other people’s stories, biases, and limiting beliefs to dictate what we can achieve, and I say f**k that! As Latinas, we get to decide what success looks like.” 

Reflecting on her own journey, Paulette identified her superpower as the ability to turn abstract ideas into impactful realities. “I love taking people’s abstract vision and merging storytelling and strategy to create BIG bold impact,” she said. “It’s like using my ADHD for the greater good. I’m also fiercely driven by purpose and community – any chance to uplift my gente energizes me. My own imperfect journey allows me to relate, listen to understand, and empower others to harness their own superpowers.” 

When it comes to accelerating the journey to success, Paulette’s advice is simple yet profound. “Don’t get trapped in endless planning and perfectionism. Take action now with what you have – consistency compounds! Also, compare yourself only to your former self, not others. Measure growth and celebrate wins,” she advised. “And when doors slam, don’t just knock gently, occupy space or simply create your own. There’s no need to wait for what’s already yours. And when you start this journey, let others join you. It’s impossible to grow without comunidad. 

Paulette shared a glimpse of her upcoming project, the Unstoppable Latina Show as well. “I’m excited to launch my new podcast this Fall, the Unstoppable Latina Show,” she announced. “This weekly podcast equips ambitious Latina entrepreneurs to succeed on their terms. Every Monday, I’ll share the news, insights, grants, and stories Latina entrepreneurs need to start their week as the CEOs of their businesses.” 

As her podcast prepares to hit the airwaves, you can subscribe now so you can be one of the first people to join the unstoppable journey of empowerment, inspiration, and limitless possibilities. 

In Paulette Piñero’s world, being unstoppable isn’t just a concept; it’s a way of life. Through her unique passion and determination, she’s shaping a future where every Latina knows her worth and embraces her unstoppable potential.  

Are you an Unstoppable Latina too? 

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