‘Endangered,’ California Dressed in Poetry by a Latina

California Endangered poem BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of cntraveler.com

“Endangered” is part of BELatina’s collection of poems to celebrate National Poetry Month.



In California

Monarch butterflies are endangered 

Immigrants are endangered 

In the very land that they called home

Made to feel like strangers

In their own environment

Caged away from the sunshine

Told not to fly towards salvation

Threatened by a wall

Built to separate, to divide

Trying to erase what was once whole

Trying to erase that this was Mexico

The tall and menacing fires

Sweep their destruction through California

Melting golden dreams and singeing pristine wings

The Hollywood facade doesn’t extend its instant resolution

to the Central Valley fields

Where will they go?

This is a migration as natural as breath

Why deny their pull towards the homeland?

Why try to mute their vibrant hues?

Protect who we are

Cleanse the air

Rearrange priorities

And open that door

Because you cannot stop nature

The ancient desire to migrate towards happiness

The heart’s pull to the brighter horizon

You can’t stop anyone from coming home


— V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi