Facebook Groups That Actually Help Latinas

Facebook Groups that help Latinas BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

Our relationship with social media is undeniably complicated — we have a love/hate relationship with it. However, there are many positive, uplifting, and actually useful ways that social media can help us live our best lives. 

Take these Facebook groups, for example, each of which helps Latinas in a variety of ways. From offering a sense of community to assisting entrepreneurs to network, encouraging travel and adventure, and more generally empowering other Latinas through stories of strength and triumph — these Facebook groups deliver.

Even with the never-ending feed of pop culture nonsense and misleading information, when it’s used correctly, Facebook is a masterful way to connect, mobilize, educate, and enable greatness. 

It’s no secret that having the support of others, in addition to having a community of people you can relate to, can help significantly in the journey to finding success, both professionally and personally. Of course, having role models and mentors in place helps as well. And, of course, having a platform to communicate your ideas, goals, struggles, and passions is always essential. Still, it is arguably more important than ever during times of isolation and uncertainty. 

A 2020 Nielson report shows that Latinos turned to social media and other digital platforms at much higher rates than the general U.S. population during the pandemic. 

“Our personal and physical networks are the core of how our community has grown, adapted, and it’s how we stay informed,” Stacie de Armas, senior vice president of diverse insights at Nielsen, told NBC News. “In the absence of those, Latinos filled that sort of void very quickly by leaning into digital content consumption to a greater degree than non-Latinos.”

Virtual connections replaced In-person interactions, and that is where social media really played (and continues to play) a crucial role for Latinas. And these Facebook groups are actually helping Latinas in a wide variety of ways. Though this is by no means an exhaustive list of Facebook communities or an all-inclusive collection of groups, each of these Facebook pages certainly seems to support and help Latinas in their journeys.

Latinas Who Travel

Noticing that there was a major gap in the number of Latinas who were out exploring the world, Olga Maria of Dreams in Heels created the Latinas Who Travel (LWT) page to “inspire, encourage and empower Latina women to travel more and to live life to the fullest.” 

After years of extensive traveling, Olga noticed that she rarely, if ever, saw other travelers who looked like her. She also recognized that there were no travel websites or platforms dedicated to Latinas who enjoy traveling. So, she created a space that was all about positivity for the Latina community and encouraging Latinas to travel. 

The goal of this page and the associated website is “for Latina women to travel safely, in comfort and style, and to meet fellow globetrotters.” On this page, you’ll be able to receive and share travel tips, must-have travel products, favorite stories or destinations, and experiences that will unite and excite Latinas across the globe. 

Latinas Think Big

This award-winning network and career platform is a community with one goal: to help Latinas promote their career and business success so they can live the life they want and achieve their goals. Angelica Perez-Litwin founded the platform in 2013 to help connect aspiring, career/business-driven, and ambitious Latinas. 

As the daughter of immigrants, Perez-Litwin knew first-hand how hard Latinas need to work to thrive and achieve professional goals. As a Clinical Psychologist, she also understood the emotional toll that constant struggle to do it all can take on Latina women. She then created this space to offer tools, tips, support, and advice for aspiring Latina entrepreneurs and business owners. In addition, the page also covers important content on mental health and emotional well-being, where Perez-Litwin puts on her psychologist hat and serves as ‘The Latinalogist’ (Latina + Psychologist) for her Facebook Live project: ‘CONVERSATIONS WITH THE LATINALOGIST’

Latinas Empowering Latinas BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Facebook/ Latinas Empowering Latinas

Latinas Empowering Latinas

This Facebook group is for Latinas looking for a community and space to unite and empower one another through advice, mutual encouragement, support, shared experiences, and valuable information. The mission is to provide followers with not only inspiration but also encouragement to help Latinas in their daily struggles. 

“Together, Latinas Empowering Latinas is here for all of us!” It’s a space to gather information and share your own accomplishments, all with the goal of making sure no one feels alone.  

Amplify Latinx BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Facebook/ Amplify Latinx

Amplify Latinx

This platform is a “non-partisan, collaborative movement whose mission is to build Latinx economic and political power by significantly increasing Latinx civic engagement, economic opportunity, and representation in leadership positions across sectors.” 

The Facebook page and website are on a mission to increase visibility for Latinx-owned businesses to increase growth and economic opportunity, champion leadership opportunities and encourage civic engagement. Through summits, virtual conversations, events, and conferences, this community share valuable information to help amplify the Latinx community. 

Voto Latino BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Facebook/ Voto Latino

Voto Latino

With over 260,000 Facebook followers (and hundreds of thousands more impacted through their grassroots efforts), Voto Latino is on a mission to educate and empower a new generation of Latinx voters. Voto Latino was launched in 2004 by co-founder Rosario Dawson, and in the 15 years since its inception, this organization has been at the forefront of political, cultural, digital trends for organizing and activating Latinxs. 

In the past presidential election alone, they registered 601,330 voters, all as a part of the overarching goal of guiding the Latinx community towards the full realization of its political power. 

Voto Latino’s Facebook platform hosts and promotes important educational and motivational events surrounding the mission of celebrating the power of the Latinx voice and protecting the right to vote. On the Facebook page, you’ll find various events and livestreams, highlighting important issues, celebrating successes, and elevating the voices of Latina voters and change-makers. 

hispanic Heritage Foundation BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Facebook/ Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

This national nonprofit focuses on education, workforce, innovative leadership, and culture to meet America’s priorities. Through awards and youth honors, activism, educational programming, and technical field career training, this community works to help empower and prepare Hispanics for success. 

Virtual career workshops and speaker series, as well as online events and educational podcasts, are all offered and promoted on this platform to help Latinas navigate the current workforce and build a legacy for future generations.   

Latinas Completing Doctoral Degrees BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Facebook/ Latinas Completing Doctoral Degrees

Latinas Completing Doctoral Degrees

This group, created and moderated by Sofia Bautista Pertuz, is a private group dedicated to supporting, motivating, and inspiring Latinas considering a doctorate or who are currently working on completing a doctorate. 

The idea behind this Facebook group is to bring together a community of ambitious Latinas who can uplift, support and network together to achieve success. The guidelines are fairly strict and specific: no solicitation or gratuitous self-promotion. Members are only encouraged and allowed to share relevant advice and scholarly writing/research that can help empower or inform Latinas who are in graduate school or considering attending.