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How We Look For Our Family Values in Everything in Our Lives

How We Look For Our Family Values in Everything in Our Lives
Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

Family. This is a driver for most people, their North, and their foundation.  

No matter the culture, family is what usually gives people direction. It is safe to say that there are shared family values across every group of people, whether we realize it or not. It’s these same values that keep a large variety of people making similar choices, despite their differences.   

There are universal family values and, believe it or not, people are constantly in search of them. From what we buy to who we decide to befriend, this is what guides us.   

Some of the more common values are honesty, respect, and responsibility. People from Latino, Asian, Black, and other communities can all agree that this matters.  

This is why many of us are so fond of Disney and Pixar. These brands evoke these universal values. There is a generational influence.  

But sometimes, we must dive in a bit deeper to find other places that uphold the values that are important to us. Millennials and Gen Z-ers, for instance, feel strongly about this. These generations are no longer blindly showing their support for random companies. But, between the research, the multitude of options, and jam-packed days, finding brands and small businesses that align with your values can be mentally taxing.   

Our family values are present in our purchases too

So, we took it upon ourselves to search for places that deserve everyone’s attention. Being that there are thousands upon thousands of businesses in the United States, we felt it’d be wise to start by highlighting one at a time.   

Today, we are starting with MyPhoto.   

MyPhoto’s premise is on bringing memories alive. They are built on passion, purpose, and principles. For them, doing the right thing is important, which is why they guarantee smiles on all their orders. How can you become a part of their mission? Well, upload photos from your device and choose the right acrylic block for you. Below find some of their best ones.   



There are so many other photo décor options to choose from, it all depends on your taste!  

As the world continues to evolve, so do society’s habits. From what we enjoy as a whole to our purchases, we all form part of this shift. People are making sure they think their decisions through more so than ever and we can’t blame them. The world has been on autopilot for so long and a lot of values have been lost. But things are turning around, slowly but surely.   

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