Farewell to Ruben Cubillos, the Artist Behind the Iconic Logo in Selena’s Albums

Ruben Cubillos BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of mySA.

Behind an icon, there is always an army of artists and assistants who often go unnoticed. However, the Texas industry has raised its voice to pay tribute to graphic artist and activist Ruben Cubillos, designer of Selena‘s signature logo.

As reported by My San Antonio, Cubillos, an El Paso native who eventually moved to San Antonio, was a member of The Latin Breed and created hundreds of album covers and graphics for Spanish music artists, including Selena’s iconic logo.

Ruben Cubillos designed the cover for Selena’s 1989 self-titled album, her first for EMI Latin, intended to launch her to a global audience. The Texan designer also came up with the signature Selena cursive logo that appears from that cover, which has become the iconic image of the Tex Mex queen.

He studied at the Art Institute of Houston and also went on to create more than 150 album covers for world-renowned artists such as Little Joe and La Familia, and Juan Gabriel.

Cubillos also co-founded VIVE Tejano-Houston, which handled events such as the Houston Rodeo and lobbied organizers to include more Latinos. He also worked on graphics for groups such as the Cesar Chavez Foundation, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and the National Council of La Raza, recalls a friend online.

“Ruben was the guardian of Mexican American culture, especially in music and the graphic art,” David Chavez said. “He was a renaissance man who was a passionate advocate of anything Latino, Chicano, or Tejano. He was a deep thinker and wasn’t afraid to give his opinion.”

“Ruben was a true Tejano renaissance man. He could do it all,” said longtime friend Abby Chavarrilla to the Houston Chronicle. “He was a true champion for the Tejano genre. He wanted artists to think outside the norms and continue to evolve the music. He truly leaves a great artistic void in Tejano music.”