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Fashion Trends To Update Your Closet in 2022

Photo courtesy of belatina.com

Finally, 2021 is history, and we enter a new year with new energy and a desire to renew ourselves. It’s time to make small changes, step by step — and nothing better than starting with our closet.

In 2022, fashion trends promise to bring back all the fun and joy that the past months wanted to steal from us. So this is the perfect time to revamp your closet and start the year looking fabulous. Are you ready?

In this short list, we will go through the return of Y2K fun, the sensuality and boldness of cutouts, transparencies, shiny fabrics, and much more.

Let’s get to work!

Shine bright

Shine bright Fashion Trends 2022 BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of ASOS.

Let’s start with the most eye-catching of all: shiny fabrics. Whether in jumpsuits, skirts, pants, or mini-dresses, this is a trend that will take 2022 by storm and give us a spotlight moment while feeling like we’re back on the dance floors. 

Sequins, shiny and metallic fabrics will be the new stars in closets this year and the best options to wear to your next party or when you want to give that oomph to your everyday look.

Back to the Y2K era

Photo courtesy of Princess Polly.

Yes, you read that right. Y2K fashion is back to stay (or at least the most memorable things). Low rise pants, mini skirts, and cropped cardigans will have their big comeback in our closets and bring us that freshness we miss so much.

The mini skirts and cropped cardigans give a little attitude to our look and show a little bit of skin, and the low-rise trousers jeans that can be tight or quite loose and still look great.

All cut-out and transparent 

Photo courtesy of Pretty Little Thing.

And following the line of showing a little bit of skin, the cut-out trend seems to be here to stay with garments that show a little bit of skin, but in a not-so-conventional way, giving them unique shapes.

Some with transparencies and others with cut-out patterns that complement all shapes and, let’s be honest, make you look incredibly sexy.

Colorful bags

Photo courtesy of Coperni Paris.

Apparently, this will be a year that brings us bold fashion trends even in accessories, and bags will become the main character with bright and neon colors.

It will be all about color, and it won’t matter if it matches or not with the rest of your outfit, the type of material, or the size of your bag. The only thing that will matter is that the bolder and brighter the color, the better it will look.

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