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This Father’s Day, Immortalize the Moments With Dad and Relive a Story That Deserves To Be Told

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Father’s Day is approaching, and we can’t help but remember all the moments lived together.

In our Latino culture, fathers are a fundamental symbol. They are the breadwinners, the providers, and the voice of conscience.

As time passes, while our customs and family structures mutate, this father figure remains there in the most crucial moments.

Today, a father is a grandfather, an uncle, and even an older brother. It is that spirit of strength, growth, and resilience that complements our matriarchs so well.

And this is a story worth telling.

What better way to do it than with photos?

Celebrate Father’s Day by telling stories with MyPhoto

Even when Dad may seem to have a tough shell, his feelings are genuine. This is especially true with Latino dads. That unsuspecting smile or unexpected hug is worth immortalizing in a photo.

After all, photos are the best way to tell a story.

Well, that’s where MyPhoto comes in.

MyPhoto has made it its life-long mission to bring your photos from your phone to life. They are a photo memory company that helps you choose the best way to encapsulate moments in carefully crafted displays.

Here are some of our favorite MyPhoto products to make the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Let Memories Live Forever with Acrylic MiniMagnets

This Father’s Day, Immortalize the Moments With Dad and Relive a Story That Deserves To Be Told Belatina news
Credit: MyPhoto

Take a picture of a time you were happy with your dad and let it live on forever. 

Choose MyPhoto’s Acrylic MiniMagnets to show it to everyone who walks past the family’s fridge or any other magnetic surface. Acrylic MiniMagnets allows anyone to create a high-quality gallery with photos from their phone. These displays are durable and clearly showcase any photo you place in them.

Build More of Happy Moments

Credit: MyPhoto

For the Latino dad who likes to design and build, get him started on MyPhoto’s MiniBlox display. 

Let him choose the photo he wants to be added to it — or choose the first one for him — and surprise him with this for Father’s Day. Your HD-printed picture will be visible on either side, making it more appealing. Your dad will also enjoy the fact that he can stack and even collect them. 

Laugh Together with Stickables

Credit: MyPhoto

Sometimes life is too serious, so having some fun is imperative. This is why printing your photos from your phone to a Stickable is the best way to go. Stickables are mini acrylic photos that stick and restick anywhere you desire. 

Think of sticking them on his car’s dashboard, his nightstand, or anywhere else that would make him laugh. May we suggest goofy pictures? This will remind him that it’s okay to take a moment to bask in the beauty of life instead of worrying all the time. 

Trust MyPhoto for your Father Day’s gifts this year — you won’t regret it. Best of all, your Latino dad will appreciate it. 

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