Feminist Songs To Start a Revolution

Feminist Songs Revolution BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of elvocero.com

What’s more hype than revolution songs? Now more than ever, we need modern feminist songs to get us pumped and start the next revolution! Envision these songs’ lyrics on your next posters and chant these all over the block…. Yes, queens! 

The beauty of music is that the importance of these lyrics and visual content continues beyond just the artist’s promotional timeline; it continues to the encouragement they provoke and the conversations they strike up. Giiiirl, who runs the world? 

Run the World (Girls) – Beyoncé

Oh yes, from the start of Destiny’s Child and their “Independent Women, Pt.1,” Beyoncé has been an empowering voice for all the women working hard and getting things done all by themselves. Who needs a male? From her humble beginnings to being the first Black female to headline the massive Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival — she embodies the full lucha in becoming the exquisite businesswoman she is today. “My persuasion / Can build a nation / Endless power / With our love we can devour / You’ll do anything for me.” 

Yo Perreo Sola – Bad Bunny

The multiple-Grammy-winning Puerto Rican rapper, singer, songwriter, and visionary artist, Bad Bunny, has constantly been making headlines for voicing important issues from feminism and domestic violence to supporting the LGBTQ+ community in both his lyrics to his nationwide live performances. In this particular feminist song, he highlights the need to let women do their own thing — we literally don’t need men to dance as atrevida as we want to. We should be able to dance without having a plan of action if a male disrespectfully grabs us. And yes, you can imagine it did upset some of the machista artists and people all over the globe. “En el perreo no se quita (¡No!) / Fuma y se pone bellaquita / Te llama si te necesita / Pero por ahora está solita.” 

Piernas – Aterciopelados

Lastly, the Latin Grammy-winning iconic Colombian band Aterciopelados has a history of always being out there — from their fashion to their lyrics. They’ve been around since the early 1990s, and they still create waves, making sure their voice is being heard and understood through their interviews as well as their music. Continuously fighting the fight. “Yo amo mis piernas / Yo amo mi barriga / Yo amo mis tetas / Yo amo mi culo / Me amo de cuerpo entero.”