First Eclipse of The Season: Time for a Mindset Makeover

First Eclipse of the Season BELatina Latinx
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The first eclipse of the season arrives Wednesday, March 26th y la luna temporarily dons a crimson red dress to the star-filled fiesta! 

While some ancient cultures and the Church believed a blood moon to be a frightening omen, we now understand that it carries la energia of deep change. And let’s be honest, who isn’t a little wary of change, especially if it feels like we’ve waited a bit too long to decide and the stars impatiently throw a door open and shout, “Dale!”?

The star theme of the fiesta is ruled by Mercury, God of communication, as the sun recently moved into Gemini on May 20th. While Taurus season invited us to stretch our toes in the grass and breathe in the fresh air, this season is more stimulating and assumes we’ve rested a bit and seeded some amazing projects, and now it’s time to give them life! 

Yes, it’s all about communicating, messaging, networking, gossip, thinking, technology, developing ideas and creations! Mercury (mind, technology, communication) and Venus (values, relationships, aesthetics, possessions) are also in Gemini chatting up a storm! 

There’s so much to talk about and think about during this season that we need to check on ourselves. Remember to keep it real — that’s exactly what this Full Moon/Eclipse is about! 

The total lunar eclipse and Blood Full Moon is upon us, heralding quick cambios, interruptions, revelations, and surprising course-correcting. This will serve in the long run by curating our resilience, inviting our resourcefulness, and allowing us to shift our mindset so we can keep growing. 

The seeds sown here is that while we may feel tested in some ways, we build up our strength so that we walk away more fit, capable, and transformed for our journey!

During this type of eclipse, the full moon moves into the shadow of the Earth cast by the sun and is briefly darkened. Some of the sunlight is refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere and still shines through and reaches the moon. The refraction of the light and the conditions of the atmosphere alter the color temporarily to a reddish glow that ranges in intensity. The sun represents our life force and character, so when its warmth is not available for the moon, representing our emotions, it can bring a lot to the surface! 

The full moon is one of the most powerful visual and energetic moments in the lunar cycle. Full moons are a time of illumination and completion that helps us bring a project to a head, see things with more clarity and receive the benefits of our effort and focus! Ancients also feared the full moon, and we understand that when the moon is at its boldest, she also brings to light what is hidden and makes us look at realities that we may not feel ready for. The great news is that we can prepare and use this powerful energy of clarity and culmination by intentionally spending time in reflection with ourselves! 

Clarity is both a process of body wisdom, where we are connected to our bodies (Taurus season recently supported us in that way!), and a process of awareness where things begin to make sense from an observer perspective rather than merely a personal level. 

On a personal level, we have human expectations and defense mechanisms created to protect us somehow, and both of these invest and attach themselves to desired outcomes. But, on a personal level, we can take things to heart that are not personal, and it can block our clarity. 

As we consciously breathe and allow ourselves to shift into more mindfulness and increase our awareness, we can begin to see a more holistic picture. For example, understanding that the cousin who hasn’t called you has so much on their plate that they can’t call you as you would like and that it has nothing to do with you or any lack of love in the relationship. Whereas on a personal level, you may have reacted like, ”well, if she doesn’t call, neither will I!” You can now reach out with, “I know you’re up to your eyeballs, chica. I’ve missed you. How can I help?” 

This type of clarity allows us to walk away from bridges when they lead us nowhere and create bridges that serve where we may have thought it was impossible. This is the mindset shift that is available to us from the place of the inner observer.

Speaking of the inner observer, this Full Moon is in Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by Jupiter (benefactor and great expander) and represented by the archer on a quest for knowledge, wisdom, truth, freedom, and expanded horizons. Jupiter is also in Pisces, expanding opportunities for hope, faith, and inner knowing. The full moon in this sign invites you to the mindset change that can shift your world from the inside out! Want more freedom? Look within! What more abundance, look within, and so on!

How to work with this energy 

Set aside time to reflect. Breathe deeply. Feel your breath fill your lower belly, feel your feet firmly on the ground and your booty on the chair/bed/couch/floor. Light a candle which is a symbol for illumination and clarity. Continue to breathe deeply, allowing yourself to be present for this exercise and listening beyond your mind meaning what do you feel and intuit? We often think “we know” the answers, and when we allow our deeper inner knowing to come through, we may be surprised!  Ask yourself these questions and journal freely without editing. 

  • What is the central mindset/perspective that guides my life? For example, life is a battlefield, and I must be a warrior to survive!
  • When do I believe this mindset was first created or learned?
  • How has this mindset/perspective served me? 
  • How has this mindset/perspective hindered or limited me?

Breathe more deeply… Close your eyes for a moment, then breathe in the energy of freedom. Allow yourself to feel it in your body. Does it bring a smile to your face? Laughter, a tear or two. Breathe in the energy in your body as if you were as free and expansive as you could ever imagine and in all ways! Then continue…

  • What do freedom and expansion mean to me? 
  • What mindset supports this energy of the most expansive and most liberated life I could ever imagine?
  • Then write the sentence: I am ready to release the mindset of________. Thank you for serving me all these years. It’s time to level up! Repeat this a couple of times as you breathe deeply. You’re releasing an eclipse! It’s powerful.
  • Then breathe and create a new mindset: I am now ready and able to allow myself ____________. Example: I am now ready to allow myself a mindset of abundance! I am naturally gravitating to opportunities for financial growth.
  • Repeat the last one and continue breathing deeply! 

You can use this personal guiding intention for the duration of this full moon and continue moving in the direction of these powerful changes! Remain open to intuitive messages, hunches, dreams, and feelings. Divine guidance comes in many forms, so be open to signs, numbers, messages delivered by strangers, or innocent remarks by folks around you that mean more to you than they know. Enjoy it all!