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BELatina TV Episode One with Avocado From Mexico and El Dorado Furniture

BELatina TV first episode Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

After endless hours and long nights, we are ready to share what we’ve cooked up with la comunidad. After all, BELatina TV was created to continue elevating the voices of the Latino community and other historically excluded groups. 

Why now, you ask? Well, why not? 

The last two years have given so many communities that final push they needed to amplify their voices as much as possible. Besides, if not now, then when? 

Part of what makes this journey so unique is that this Latino morning show will be hosted on Lifetime and FYI, which hasn’t always been the norm. However, as the nation understands who exactly are first-generation and second-generation Latinos, we are sure these spaces will continue to open for our community. 

Ready to tell the stories of our community

The first episode is filled with excitement. Emotions are all over the air as the host, Dr. Karent Sierra, and co-host, Chef James Tahhan, share tips, jokes, and electrictifying energy needed in the mornings.

From dancing Zumba to teaching us how to empower women through home design, you’ll see it all. 

Think of them as your new best friends that will be there with you while you drink your first cafecito of the day. 

Joining forces with the best allies

As we all know, the collective nature of Latinos calls for support from others too. This is vital since it’s no secret that there’s been a lack of Latinos in the media. That’s why we have been sponsored by some great companies such as Avocados From Mexico and El Dorado Furniture to further the voices of our Latino community. 

Slowly but surely, our presence will get stronger!

Check out your local listings and watch BELatina TV on Friday, February 4th, 2022, on Lifetime, and Friday, February 11th, 2022, on FYI. 

For more information and recipes you can find them at Avocados From Mexico.

For more information and design tips, you can find them at El Dorado Furniture.

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