Five Amazing Acne-care Products by Latina Brands

Best Acne-care products Latina Brands BELatina Latinx
Photo: Yaocihuatl Organic

Good skincare is the foundation of radiant beauty. And pesky acne is something that can instantly throw a wrench in any makeup look. It has been shown that we Latinas, who produce more sebum, tend to have more cases of oily skin and acne, so it’s imperative to be proactive and treat our skin with the best products out there. 

Several Latina skincare brands have created products that not only work wonders on the skin but particularly focus on acne issues, with ingredients that are not only effective but often natural. We did the online research for you and found five must-have, acne-fighting beauty items by Latinx brands that will have your skin saying “gracias.”

Acne products Tata Harper BELatina Latinx
Photo: Tata Harper

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser Blemish & Oil Control Face Wash

Created by Colombian Tata Harper, her namesake skincare line has gotten buzz at publications like Glamour, InStyle, and Allure. One product we had to shout out ourselves is her Clarifying Cleanser Blemish & Oil Control Face Wash. “Powered by AHA & BHA,” the foaming wash balances the oil in your skin, as well as getting rid of impurities. 

Available at, $76

Acne product Eva’s Garden BELatina Latinx
Photo: Eva’s Garden

Eva’s Garden Witch Hazel Facial Toner

The next Latina-owned skincare brand you should know about is Eva’s Garden. It was founded in the Dominican Republic when Eviel Taveras was searching for products for her serious acne. When she found something that cleared her skin, she wanted to share what she found with the masses. The result was Eva’s Garden, a company that uses all “ethically sourced and plant-derived” ingredients. Their eucalyptus Witch Hazel Facial Toner helps with breakouts, puffy eyes, scarring, and redness, as well as defining pores. 

Available at, $16.59

Acne products BreadxButta Botanica BELatina Latinx
Photo: BreadxButta Botanica

BreadxButta Botanica Healing Honey

Natural beauty products deliver results, but without all the harmful chemicals. Honey has a lot of health benefits; according to Healthline, it has natural antibacterial and calming qualities.” BreadxButta Botanica took honey and added turmeric, ashwagandha, and 200 mg of CBD (other ingredients that help with acne) to create their Healing Honey. You can use it to create a face mask or add it to food and beverages for consumption. 

Available at, $20 (for the 2oz.; 6oz. currently sold out)

Acne Products Yaocihuatl Organic BELatina Latinx
Photo: Yaocihuatl Organic

Yaocihuatl Organic Acne Oil Control Skin Care Regimen Set

Why have one fabulous acne-fighting product when you can have an entire set?! That’s exactly what Yaocihuatl Organic, founded by certified herbalist and botanical artisan Carmen, offers. You get the Acne Oil Control Face Wash, the Acne Oil Control Serum, and the Acne Oil Control Facial Cream. Natural ingredients include tea tree, lavender, Vitamin C, aloe vera, green tea, reishi mushroom, goldenseal, and turmeric. 

Available at, $80

Brujita Skincare BELatina Latinx
Photo: Brujita Skincare

Brujita Skin Care Santa Limpia Facial Scrub

Leah Guerrero is the Latina behind Brujita Skincare. Her products stay on roundups of Latinx beauty and Latinx-brand skincare products, including those in the L.A. Times, Dazed Beauty, Teen Vogue, and Glamour. A must-have product is the Santa Limpia Facial Scrub. Containing palo santo and maca root, it has antibacterial properties, aids skin surface immunity, helps balance the skin’s oil production and helps fade acne scars and inflammation. Added bonus? Palo santo is known for also getting rid of bad energy.

Available at, $30 (currently sold out)