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Five Months After She Won Miss Universe, Campaign to Replace Miss Nicaragua Ensues – And This Is All Due to Nicaragua’s Dictatorship 

Dictator Daniel Ortega Allegedly Attempted to Bar Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua – And Is Now Denying a Mural in Her Honor
Credit: Instagram/ @sheynnispalacios_of

A new chapter unfolds in the world of beauty pageants in Nicaragua. Against the backdrop of the recent cancellation of Miss Nicaragua and the swirling allegations surrounding Miss Universe representation in the country, including charges of conspiracy and treason, a new player enters the stage, promising to shake up the status quo. 

Enter “Reinas Nicaragua,” the brainchild of the Sandinista regime, poised to fill the void left by the now-criminalized Miss Nicaragua organization, once the proud bearer of the Miss Universe franchise in the country. This bold move comes on the heels of the FLSN’s grip on power, signaling a new era in Nicaraguan pageantry under their watchful eye. 

According to Nicaragua’s news site, Confidencial, the genesis of this new contest follows the historic victory of Sheynnis Palacios as Miss Universe 2023, a triumph that sparked jubilation among the populace, much to the dismay of the ruling dictatorship. Let’s not forget this was only five months ago. However, behind the dazzling facade lies a tale of persecution and exile, as the Arguello Celebertti family, former custodians of the franchise, find themselves cast out of their homeland, their dreams shattered by the iron fist of oppression. 

About ‘Reinas Nicaragua’

As virtual and in-person registrations commence, anticipation mounts for what is sure to be a spectacle. With the official presentation of the departmental queens slated for July 27th in the historic city of Granada, all eyes turn to the grand finale scheduled for September 27th at the Alexis Argüello Sports Complex in Managua. 

 A cash prize of 72,000 córdobas (roughly $1,966) awaits the ultimate victor, along with an array of coveted prizes from esteemed sponsors. Meanwhile, the second and third place finishers, dubbed the princesses, will each walk away with 36,000 córdobas. 

 The stage is set for a showdown like no other, where beauty and politics collide in a high-stakes battle for supremacy. Amidst the uncertainty, one question looms large: who will emerge victorious in this tumultuous saga of power? Only time will reveal the answer, as Nicaragua braces itself for the next chapter of pageantry and politics. 

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