Five Reasons Why Kamala Harris Was The Right Choice

Kamala Harris BELatina Latinx

The feeling that a large part of the country had on Tuesday when we heard the California Senator was the one chosen by Joe Biden to be his running mate was difficult to define.

Social networks Twitter, to be exact almost collapsed from the number of comments and reactions. Between criticism and celebration, the feeling was as if we had turned back the clock and heard Kamala Harris had won the Democratic primary.

It was not a typical feeling to celebrate a VP. Usually, the emotion (or disappointment) goes away with the candidate for president.

And it was precisely this feeling what indicated that the Biden team had made the right decision.

These are five other reasons why Kamala Harris is the ideal running mate for the time the country is going through.

The Obvious

As David Smith said in his column for The Guardian, “in choosing Kamala Harris, Biden may have found the anti-Trump.”

Harris, 55, is the first woman of color and the first woman from South-Asian origin to make it on a major party presidential ballot, representing the true diversity that strengthens America’s foundations.

“It makes it look more like America,” Eugene Robinson, a newspaper columnist, told the MSNBC network. “It makes it more like the America that we are becoming than the other party which looks more like the America we once were or the America that many think we once were.”

The punctual

Amid a health crisis that has predominantly impacted communities of color, and in the middle of a social revolution against structural racism in the country, the Biden campaign promised to choose a woman as a running mate, and someone who knew first-hand the needs of African Americans.

For hundreds of Black activists across the country, Biden had to make race a priority in his selection criteria, and be consistent with what citizens in the country are experiencing.

In addition to being a candidate with all the necessary racial background, Kamala Harris is the first graduate of a historical Black college to find a place on a major party national ticket.

The coherent

As Politico recalled, Biden’s priority was to have his running mate be someone he was “simpatico” to, while at the same time boosting party support. In Harris, Biden got someone where both priorities can come together in the long run.

The link with Harris is also a familiar one, as the Senator worked closely with Beau Biden, the late son of the former vice president when they were both prosecutors.

“I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse,” he said of the pair. “I was proud then, and I’m proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

The strategic

Let’s be honest: Biden isn’t much competition in debate for a demagogic despot like Donald Trump. 

However, if there was one thing we enjoyed about the Democratic primary, it was seeing Harris’ comebacks, even against Biden.

The Senator is a charismatic character but not afraid to tell it like it is, and she has many waiting to see her take on Vice President Mike Pence in a debate.

According to the Boston Globe, another benefit Harris brings to the formula is her political flexibility and her ability to reach middle ground when it comes to legislative proposals, narrowing the gap between very progressive ideas, such as Medicare for All, and sensitive issues like criminal justice reform.

“Picking someone who doesn’t pull punches is probably the right person to be a running mate, while Biden can float about it with lofty rhetoric,” the media argues.

The instinctive

Despite the criticism that arose in some factions over Harris’ nomination, the November election has become a matter of survival literally for millions of people in the country.

The simple fact that Biden has forgiven Harris’ attacks during the primary debates and put the party’s and the country’s priorities first represents the shared sentiment of those who know that we must get rid of Donald Trump, whatever it takes.