Looking For Beauty On A Budget? We Got you!

Beauty on a budget BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of kultivates.com

In 2019, the cosmetics industry’s revenue was in the billions. The US spent close to 50 billion dollars alone to help with beautification routines. 

Although beauty is only skin deep, we want not only to make sure it’s always glowing but look picture ready, as needed. Using the endless palettes available to us, it has become easier to reinvent ourselves, avoiding the same old look. 

Have you thought about how much you spend yearly from your bank account to support your glamorous looks? The lipstick comparison game will demonstrate how the numbers can add significantly when the average lipstick is $7.00 – 10.00. If you’re looking at high-end lip paint, then you’ll have to dig deeper into the pocketbook. 

The luxury brand lipsticks start around the $32.00 price mark and can run you out of a house. The most expensive in the world, H Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick is priced at a cool $14 million! How is that for fabulosity?

We will keep it real. Most of us are always looking for a good deal. There can be a thrill in getting an excellent product for less, at the same time, we want to have nice things. Items that are of good quality and decently priced go a long way for women. So, what can you do if you want to have your cake and eat it too? 

Here are some ways to do beauty on a budget:

Shop around for the best price on brand names 

It’s nice to buy a luxury item from fancy stores when I can treat myself. I recently uncovered a cool finding, a lipstick that costs $26.00 at a brand name shop cost me $19.00 on Amazon. 

Of course, there are drawbacks. The cost savings are not always there for you to benefit from (can end up being more expensive), or the item you seek is unavailable. It may be worth a try, as the scavenger hunt can end up paying off.



The holidays are a great time to buy cosmetics; many brands are looking to unload inventory and get the end of year sales numbers. Tons of gift sets could give you a bang for your buck. 

Shop Using Points

I ordered a few things from one of the online beauty marketplaces and used points to save money off the total balance, it’s usually a few dollars deducted, but every little bit helps.

Brand Comparison

Expensive doesn’t always mean best. You can find cosmetics that may be closely comparable to what you want and reasonably priced. New beauty products are being released every day. It is worth taking a peek at brands born from Instagram, for instance. Although not widely recognized, it is possible to get your hands on some great finds, as I have without paying the exorbitant prices.

Mini Luxury Products are a Steal

It can be challenging to change our beauty habits. We like what we like, don’t we, ladies? One other way to indulge in the luxury items without sticker shockers can be buying mini’s. 

Lately, I have been fickle with some products, as I’m not entirely happy with a few items purchased. 

Buying a regular mascara can leave us stuck with a product we are not particularly fond of. I now purchase mini’s to try different mascaras at half the price, thank you Sephora! Fragrances have been doing this for years with rollerballs. Although we tend to use them for travel, why not buy them for your toiletries cabinet to use at any time? You are paying much less and still get to treat yourself a little.

The beauty industry is full of goodies we can enjoy to pamper ourselves. The perfect red lips can brighten a mood on a day when the energy is not exactly cheerful. A sexy fragrance can perk up the senses, and the scent can take you back to the center of femininity. A good coverup can hide a night of indulgence or restlessness, long enough to inspire the confidence to get through the day in front of others. 

Looking for beauty on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. 

Shop smart! This is an opportunity to give yourself the tools desired for an improved aesthetic without breaking the bank. Women don’t need to spend a million dollars to look like it; everything starts at the core. Every woman, no matter the age, holds individual beauty. The added accessories are merely a way to enhance what is already there!