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Former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, Is the New Voice of Puerto Rico’s Skyline at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport 

Former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, Is the New Voice of Puerto Rico's Skyline at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport 
Credit: Luis Muñoz Marín Airport 

Beauty, breathtaking, and tropical magic are some of the words that describe Puerto Rico. Conversely, this is how the former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, can be described as well. Torres, who was crowned Miss Universe 1993, is now using her essence – and that of Puerto Rico – to gift a piece of La Isla del Encanto’s heart.   

The renowned actress, author, model, and former Miss Universe has been selected as the ambassador for Puerto Rico’s primary gateway to the world, the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. 

The bustling airport, where over ten million passengers pass through annually, will now be graced by the warm and welcoming voice of Dayanara Torres, inviting travelers to carry a piece of “Puerto Rico in the heart.” 

A Journey with Dayanara Torres

Beginning this November, the multifaceted talents of Torres will resonate through the terminals, making her the voice and face of this vital hub. Jorge Hernández, the president of Aerostar Puerto Rico, expressed his enthusiasm for having Torres as the airport’s ambassador, stating, “We are very excited about the opportunity to have such a beloved figure, both on and off the island, as the ambassador of the airport.” 

“Dayanara Torres is known for her charisma, talent, and beauty. She is a reflection of Puerto Ricans, of our human quality, and our ability to successfully face challenges and adversities,” he continued.” 

As the ambassador, Torres will extend a warm welcome to millions of passengers arriving at and departing from the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport. This initiative aligns with Aerostar’s ongoing investment of approximately $300 million in renovations, expansions, and compliance and safety projects over the past decade. The goal is to transform the facilities into a modern, technological, eco-friendly, and efficient space, ultimately enhancing the traveler’s experience. 

Expressing her pride in representing Puerto Rico, Torres said, “I am proud to represent Puerto Rico, this time as the ambassador of Luis Muñoz Marín Airport, the gateway to and from the island and the first facility that visitors see upon arrival.” 

There’s So Much Heart Behind This Project

Torres’ message, focused on the attributes of the beauty of Puerto Rico, will be transmitted through audio in the airport’s arrival and departure terminals, following federal safety guidelines. Travelers will also be greeted by the visual presence of Dayanara Torres on screens and posters throughout the facilities. 

In the upcoming weeks, a tribute gallery featuring images spanning Torres’ career, from her coronation as Miss Universe to her recent projects, will be displayed, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the rich history of the island through the lens of this beloved figure. 

The audio message, delivered via the airport’s speaker system, is concise yet powerful: “Puerto Rico is my home and yours. It is diversity, it is culture, and it reflects the joy of our people. On behalf of our Luis Muñoz Marín Airport, I invite you to carry Puerto Rico in your heart upon your arrival or departure.” She will state this in Spanish. 

The “Ambassadors of Luis Muñoz Marín Airport” initiative was born out of Aerostar’s internal selection process to infuse a distinctive Puerto Rican warmth into the airport experience. Dayanara Torres, having been part of the airport’s history since her arrival as Miss Universe in 1993, was the perfect choice to inaugurate this initiative. 

Timeless Beauty

Torres, who began her reign as Miss Universe at the age of 18, celebrated the 30th anniversary of that special day last May. During her reign, she showcased Puerto Rico’s natural beauty, highlighting its beaches, countryside, and architecture, emphasizing everything that makes the island a special place to live. 

The resonant voice of the former beauty queen will be heard by arriving and departing passengers in all terminals of the airport, making the journey through Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport an even more memorable experience. 

Now, thanks to Dayanara Torres, the spirits of travelers will be lifted by the warm embrace of Puerto Rico’s charm.  

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