Four Sites Where You Will Find the Best Deals for School Books

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It’s now August, and one of the first things that come to mind this summer month is going back to school. Whether you’re back for another semester or starting up your studies after some time, you’ll want to get the right textbooks for your classes. But you don’t want to pay full price at the school bookstore. Those prices are crazy! 

We want you to focus on your studies and be the best you, without the added stress of paying outrageous prices for the books you need to get good grades (according to, the average cost of textbooks and supplies per year in 2021 is $1240!). So, we looked online and found five online bookstores where you can buy your textbooks for way cheaper. 


Whatever you need, there’s a great chance that you’ll find it on eBay. The site has long been the place to go for hard-to-find books, textbooks, and newer books for a lower price. You can find books for auction starting for as low as 99 cents, as well as Buy It Now Options. You can even filter to find books sold by sellers closer to you.


Thrift Books is another great resource for buying inexpensive books for school. There’s a section on the site for books under $5, one for Getting Ready for Back to School and another for deals like 10% off selected books. Plus, you get free shipping for orders over $10. All the books that end up unsold at Thrift Books get recycled, greatly helping the planet by keeping landfills less full.

Campus Book Rentals

We know you don’t really want to buy that hefty school book you’ll probably never look at again. Campus Book Rentals lets you borrow that book instead. Right on the website’s homepage, you’ll be able to search for your book by ISBN, title, or keyword. To make things easier, you can also search for all the textbooks you’ll need for the semester at once. You’ll then see different options for renting or buying it.

Better World Books

You want your dollars to go for good–to know that what you buy makes the world a better place, not a worse one. Better World Books is all about giving back. They’ve donated over $32 million “for literacy and libraries” and donated over 29.5 million books. They’ve also reused or recycled a whopping 381,640,192 books at the time of this writing. Added bonus? Free shipping on all libros. 


At eCampus, you can “save up to 90% on textbook rentals, used and new textbooks, and e-textbooks.” The website may also be your school’s official bookstore; they have partnered with over 150 schools to provide textbooks to students. A cool feature that eCampus has is that you can sell last semester’s books back to them and make some much-needed moola.