Full Moon in Aquarius: Out of the Box for the Greater Good

Full Moon Aquarius BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of belatina.com

This Friday, July 23rd, at 10:36 pm EST, we welcome the first of two transformative Full Moons in Aquarius, highlighting our individuality and personal path and inviting us to contemplate the broader view. 

Since we can only see the bigger picture through our own perspective, it is important to embrace our differences and learn to work on our particularities — not only for our own health and well-being but also for our unique contribution to the collective!

As in nature’s garden, variety is the spice of la vida, and conforming to pre-conceived societal expectations leads to cookie-cutter people and cookie-cutter lives — inauthenticity at its worst! 

This Full Moon’s deep message asks us to stop trying to “fit in” and be authentically ourselves, for that is the true source of our own lives and that which we can offer others! 

Each one of us carries ancestral stories, ideas, and gifts for the world that no one else can express in the same way. This Full moon in Aquarius is about doing your own juicy dance even if folks are marching and singing your own song, even if people are shushing you. 

Pluto (the transformer energy) amplifies the energy of manifesting new visions, ways of being, and even new structures for a society more focused on social responsibility, radical change, social justice-minded, collaborative, and supportive of the collective! 

It’s time to take note and rediscover ourselves

This Friday, remain mindful, as you may receive powerful, intuitive messages that support you in stepping to your own greater sense of freedom. 

Take time to journal, take notes and write out any dreams or messages that come directly to you or are delivered through songs or even strangers. Even if they don’t make sense now, write it down and put it away. Weeks or even months later, you may be struck by the accuracy of this guidance and may receive deeper validation that you may have dared to ask for! 

Creativity, authenticity, innovation, and change have never come forth from thinking inside the box. This particular Moon says, “rip the box up, make a bonfire, and dance wildly into your own way of being! And do it together if you can! Ya es hora!”

The last Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th invited us to re-access and define success for ourselves, while the New Moon in Cancer, July 9th, reminded us to go deep in self-care and nurture ourselves. Not surprisingly, this current lunar phase finds us with a new perspective and a full-ish cup (we can always use more self-care!) and ready for wider horizons! 

The Full Moon in Aquarius is also called “Buck Moon,” based on Native American tradition inspired by nature as this is the season when powerful bucks grow their majestic antlers. Similarly, the New Moon inspires us to seed the new and release the old ways that no longer serve us, and Full Moons are about integration and owning our own majestic selves! 

The Full Moon in Aquarius, symbolized by the water-bearer or a woman holding a vessel of water being poured forth to humanity, is not, as most imagine, a water sign; it is an air sign — symbolizing intellectual processes and ideas — and it is the next step in our evolutionary process.

To get involved is to grow

We begin to look at the bigger picture, humanitarian ideals, the collective, and how to be a part of this collective evolution, even as we grow in our own personal lives. Aquarius is a fixed sign in the zodiac (roots in and grows) and a staunch visionary that has great hope and desire for a better future for humanity.  

With the sun (character, identity) in Leo (fire, self-expression, creativity) opposite the Moon (emotions, intuition, our mother) in Aquarius (individuals for the greater good), we are singularly asked to shine our light and embrace our being seen and heard! 

If you have social justice values, your own story to share, it’s a perfect time to share your message, your cause, create, blog, vlog, and simply rejoice in being ourselves! 

When the doubts and the inner critic rears its head to say, “who am I to speak or lead? How is my work unique, and why would anyone listen or see me?” Remember, we are co-creative beings with a choice. We can choose to give power to our inner critic or dismantle it by supporting ourselves with therapy, meditation, EFT, and many other transformative techniques! It all starts with the knowledge that your story and your authentic self matter! 

The world as we know it is being rocked with fires, floods, winds, calls for freedom in Cuba, historical oppression coming to light, systemic racism, and a new virus rearing its invisible head. The earth’s ailments are part of nature’s cyclical purging, how we have mistreated Madre Tierra and what governments and countries have ignored collectively.  

There is a great need for radical responsibility. We level the playing field by tapping into our own creative expression and power. When we show up and share our experiences of everyday micro-aggressions, the immigrant experience, sexual harassment, glass ceilings, and call out the inadequacies of our current systems, we add yet another voice, another drop of hopeful prayer and action to a tide whose day is approaching.  

And the stars say that yes, the tide is rising. There is a force for rebuilding and recreating as a collective, especially thanks to Uranus (the revolutionary/innovator) in Taurus (earth, values, finances, and structures) that entered this sign in 2018 and remains there until 2026. We must revolutionize how we deal with each other, earth, and earth’s resources. 

How To Make the Most of this Full Moon in Aquarius 

Setting aside time for our own reflection and integration is revolutionary in the face of societal pressure to always be “doing.” Time to be is key for our own awareness and integration.  

Get comfy. Have a favorite crystal or light a candle in honor of this life-expanding cycle we are currently in. Have your journal or digital document handy. Let’s breathe without an agenda to push or change our breath. Allowing ourselves to be as we are. Breathing deeply with our eyes closed and setting our intention, for example:

  • As I begin this Full Moon in Aquarius exploration, I give myself permission to be who I truly am. I accept my unique experiences and ways of being. I release the need to emulate or adapt my being or expression to already accepted forms if this is not aligned with me. 
  • As I begin this Full Moon in Aquarius exploration, I honor my journey, my individual path, understanding that life is beautiful and challenging for us all and that my sacred medicina is part of my ancestral legacy. I don’t need to have known my family or ancestors to carry their love, grace, and courage within me. Every day I allow myself to shine brightly in my truth, knowing that as I shine brightly and speak my heart that I attract what is for me.  

As you set intentions to honor your lineage and who you are at this time, explore these questions without answering what you think you “should” answer. The more honest we are, the greater clarity we receive from our inner explorations!

  • Have I ever felt out of place, different or weird? 
  • In what ways do I feel different from family, friends, or my community? In what ways am I similar?
  • Have I made myself smaller or moved away from others because of this?
  • How can I honor my unique interests and ways of being? 
  • What moves me to my soul? Am I passionate about social justice or animal rights? Or…?

Close your eyes if you need to and ask your inner self.

  • When did my unique interests and passions begin?
  • Is there an experience that has shaped what moves me deeply?
  •  How can I step into greater confidence and share more of my beliefs and visions for the collective?

Before we conclude this month’s exploration, close your eyes again and envision the world you would most want to live in. How does it treat uniqueness? Difference? Is there a way that your individual experiences or talents can contribute to this collective vision? Open your eyes and allow this vision to anchor into your mind, body, and spirit. Now let’s embrace ourselves and continue adding to the collective good!