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Full Moon in Aries: Embodying Our Personal Power

Full Moon in Aries: Embodying Our Personal Power belatina latine

The Full Hunter’s Moon in the fiery Aries rises on October 9 at 4:54 p.m ET inviting you to heal outmoded definitions of leadership, relationship, and change. 

Change begins from within as we continue to reclaim our ability to choose a different path and release the limiting patterns of ancestral disempowerment. As we reclaim our power to choose, we own our inner leader and show up differently in all of our relationships.

The moon goes through many phases throughout the month. The Full Moon is a time of exalted emotional intensity and a time for clearing and integration. Be patient with what comes up, observe, express, and give yourself time to integrate. Each New or Full Moon lands in a particular zodiac sign giving it its own flavor and overarching theme. This theme is about embodying our, ” I AM” energy and moving forward with courage, confidence, and renewed passion! What’s going on this Full Moon in Aries?

Tension builds with the Sun (identity) and Venus (love, values) in Libra (justice, arts) opposite this Full Moon in Aries (warrior/initiator.) So, we are re-evaluating our own needs versus the needs of others – and how to balance our priorities. Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries conjuncts the Full Moon highlighting where we have felt slighted by authority or oppressed in our natural leadership skills in business, career, family, or even in the power struggles within our relationships. 

Mercury the messenger is now direct; expect better communication juju. Pluto is also direct as of October 8th lending its transformative magic to our forward movement.

Why is the Hunter Moon important?

The Hunter’s moon name comes from an intersection of North American, Colonial, and European roots. Traditionally, it indicated the time to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter ahead, according to Farner’s Almanac.

To look forward to winter, we must look back to see what we’ve accomplished as well. This Full Moon is the culmination of intentions set six months ago during the New Moon in Aries, on April 1st. Look back and explore where you were at the time and what you were hoping to manifest. Some of the journaling prompts to explore are:

“ What goals or intentions have come to fruition in the last six months?”

“ How can I redefine what leadership means to me and embrace my personal power?”

“ Where am I overly focused on my needs or others’ needs and how can I come into greater balance? 

How this Full Moon in Aries will inspire your zodiac sign

Remember to read your moon and rising sign as well to receive a fuller perspective.


While this lunation is lighting up your identity, it’s time to step back for a second to assess how you’re showing up. How are you showing up in your life…all of your life? Are you overly focused on work or family? What do you need right now? Trust your needs and shine confidently for what you want is wanting you. ¡Sigue adelante!  


This Full Moon offers you resources for healing. Make a list of where you feel wronged and those you may have wronged; begin the process of forgiveness and self-forgiveness. Self-compassion helps you release what is weighing you down so you can thrive!  Its time to get más liviana/o/e!


Your hope, goals, and dreams are guiding you to higher bliss! You’ve been betrayed and may be keeping quiet, but it’s time to trust yourself. Live again. As you reclaim your most beautiful and fulfilling vision, you’ll notice how aligned opportunities, allies, and supporters emerge to meet you. You are powerful and your work in the world is poderoso y valioso!


Admit it, you’re a bit burnt out from doing too much. But trust where you are headed with work and allow for some well-deserved time off. Take time to gather with some friends to connect, laugh, and rest. Some creative opportunities are around the corner and you need to recharge to arrive con la bateria en full!


You tend to shine no matter what is happening in your life, but that doesn’t mean you embrace change easily. You’ve been holding back on your talents and a rebirth that has been a looong time coming! It’s time to cross the bridge that carries you from who you were to where you’re headed by embracing new philosophies or ways of being. You’re about to fast-forward quickly. ¡Ya era hora! 


While others may want to be carefree with fewer responsibilities, you’re ready to take on more during this time – with the exception that you get to choose what you take on! Prioritize and ensure not to overextend yourself as you always have an ear or shoulder for dear ones. The responsibilities you take on mean you are excited to take on more significant projects and expand your career or business path! ¡Eso! 


While you like to socialize, the need for deep connections is guiding you to make time for friendships and relationships. You’ve got your eyes on the prize and surface chit-chat isn’t cutting it. You are seeking and attracting folks who are aligned with your long-term community-oriented and social justice values. Get ready to colaborar aún mas! 


Your mind needs to chill. We know that’s tough as you are a deep thinker. Your subconscious has battled dragons and slain fears – it’s time to trust your soulful intuition. You know what you know and what you know is the truth guiding you on your ever-evolving, humanitarian purpose! ¡Confía en tu propia sabiduría!


This Full Moon fires you up so you shine even brighter! As you’re going about your business, you will undoubtedly meet new folks or come across an adventure you can’t pass up! A vacation, retreat, or even day trip might be an impulsive purchase, but it will surely make your alma muy feliz! 


You’ve wanted to get a little closer to family lately and this Full Moon fulfills your wish! Take more time to listen, share, and celebrate without helping or giving solutions. It’s tough because you love to help solve problems, but some folks need to learn to solve their own with a sideline cheerleader. Pick up the pom poms and disfruta tu familia! 


You listen to many, counsel several, and count on even fewer. It’s time to work on your energetic boundaries and protection, so you have the energy to tend to the changes coming your way. Turn that beautiful flow of energy towards yourself for a bit with a regenerative walk in nature, a salt bath, or a night of restorative yoga. Many of your dreams have taken root and your precious energy needs nurturing and mucho amor.


You may have been leaning on your savings a bit too much. Review your finances and tighten your belt for a bit as you explore ways to get what you need on sale. Check your impulsive purchases and spend more time in nature, meditation, and con paciencia as you’ll be receiving an unexpected bonus or small promotion muy pronto!

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