Full Moon in Aquarius: Romance, Intimacy, and Connection

Full Moon in Aquarius BELatina Latinx
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Leo season ends after much drama on the global scene. With all that has been stirring in the air for the citizens of planet earth this month, this second Full Moon on August 22nd at 8:02 am EST promises a respite and shines a light on all things supportive and expansive such as friendships, romantic relationships, and community.

One of the names for this full moon is the Sturgeon Moon because it occurred during the season when the sturgeon fish were plenty in the Northern hemisphere. This Full Moon in Aquarius is also a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon in Aquarius, with the first occurring July 23rd and the third full moon this season! We are being guided to integrate, integrate, integrate our various breakthroughs so we can open to more connection, compassion, and literally, as Walter Mercado always said, “mucho, mucho amor!”

Last month’s Full Moon (guiding us into integration) was in the sign of Aquarius (the water-bearer) and invited us to tap into our uniqueness and release past societal programming like “el qué dirán,” followed by The New Moon in Leo’s invitation to play and set our inner child free sets the stage for what’s to come now.  

This Full Moon is not a twin occurrence. Rather now that we’ve hopefully embraced more of our own quirks and differences and allowed ourselves more play in our everyday lives, now that we’ve worked on ourselves, we can open our hearts to deepen relationships with our fellow humans, partners and align with the synergy to attract new ones in!

The tension created by the planetary alignments of Full Moon (emotions) in Aquarius (visionary, community, rulebreaker) while the Sun (character) is in Leo (self-expression taking center stage) in its last degree creates an interesting portal.  

When a planet is in its last degree of 29 degrees in any sign (called the anaretic degree), we can experience the highest intensity of that sign. We feel a sense of urgency that can pull us to take center stage, express our love, create a business partnership, or take bigger risks in our jobs/careers. 

If you’ve wanted to speak your truth, express your love, start a Tik Tok account for your brand, or have a conversation that can change your life, Sunday, August 22nd is well-aspected to have your grand moment! Beware of getting carried away, though, and stay grounded as you choose to make your big moves!

Jupiter adds its buena vibra, while Venus and Saturn create opportunities for romance during this full Moon

Jupiter, the planet of fortune, good luck, and expansion, creates close conjunction to this full moon, inspiring us with a much-needed burst of good vibes, optimism, and good luck. 

With both Moon and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius, we can crave, seek out, and experience more community with close friends and groups we feel particularly happy to explore. 

It’s a great weekend to go to a game, group event, or going out with new and old acquaintances, and let the energy inspire your present relationship, or perhaps, if single, connect you with someone new! 

This Full Moon in Aquarius is an encouraging reset towards connection, intimacy, and pleasure  


Venus, the planet of amor, is now in Libra (also ruled by Venus!), which hones relationships and romance. Meanwhile, Saturn, well-known for its commitment and dedication, creates a harmonizing trine. If your current “situationship” isn’t moving forward, you may decide you need more and finally move on!  You may also find that your current relationship takes a deeper and more serious feel in all the right ways. 

Whether you’re in a relationship, happily single, or swiping on dating apps while enjoying friends with benefits, it’s an opportunity to get clearer on what you actually want and feel empowered to ask for what you want, or choose a different path that will make you feel more loved and fulfilled. 

It’s not all serious feels, though, as Mars (represents action, energy, sex) moves into Virgo and forms a trine to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change that is currently in Taurus (symbolizing pleasure, our body, abundance.) These planetary line-ups call for shaking it up in the bedroom, and because they’re in grounded earth signs, it truly is safe to explore some of our less shared fantasies! 

And if you’re solo at the moment, don’t count yourself out of this astrological advice because this sexy energy is for everyone! Take the time to reconnect with your own body, pleasure, touch, and fantasies. Take an online tantra class. Check out embodiment practices, explore some erotic novels, and let yourself get lost in your desires!  

The three signs that will receive the greatest shake-ups are Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius. The full moon is whispering, just like many of our abuelas might have, “cambias o te cambio!” If you have your sun sign in these signs or your rising or moon sign, you will also feel this month’s moon more powerfully! If you don’t know your rising and moon signs, you can visit Café Astrology to find out.

Taurus is feeling the impact of the full moon lunating (highlighting) its 10th house of career, purpose, and public recognition, while Uranus is in Taurus, asking for radical changes. Review your work-life balance, and make the changes you’ve been afraid to make. Your calling awaits; you know you’ve been wanting a change! 

Virgo, you love your routines and ways of being, and this full moon highlighting your 6th house of work, health, and everyday habits, asking for big changes in your every day to reap the goals you so dream of. No more waiting. Review your routines and create new ones if the old ones no longer serve! 

Aquarius, you’ve really been feeling the desire to change with two full moons highlighting your First house of self! You’ve outgrown your old self and have felt unsure of how to move forward. Check in on how much of yourself you’re giving away to others, and allow yourself important time alone to explore your next steps. Be compassionate with yourself and know that no matter what is unfolding in your life, it’s never too late to reinvent! 

Exploration for this Full Moon: Get comfy, light a candle, and have your journal nearby. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow yourself to be here now. Repeat out loud: “I now give myself permission to take time for myself and explore my feelings around my relationships, pleasure, and connection.”

Allow yourself to write down what comes to you without criticism or judgment. 

  • Do I feel loved and supported in my relationship and/or friendships? 
  • What do I feel I need more of, and how can I open communication around this?
  • Have I been settling for a situationship or friends with benefits because I thought it would change, or do I feel it’s all I can get now? Will I feel better if I walk away? How can I move on with ease and grace? 
  • If you’re in a relationship: Have I allowed work, kids/family, life, stress to invade our intimacy? Imagine your partner during your honeymoon phase and what attracted you to them in the first place. 
  • How can I make some time to explore more intimacy and pleasure with myself and/or my partner?
  • For all: What kind of intimacy, touch, and pleasure do I crave?
  • When was the last time I let myself go and explored in life or in my mind some fantasies that turned me on in the past?
  • If single and wanting a relationship: What are my fears around dating during a pandemic? How can I manage my fears, stay safe and meet new people? 

Tap into the power of this pleasurable reset and allow yourself to make connections, enjoy the ones you have and be grateful for your loving friends and community during these wild times! Connection is everything.