Full Moon in Pisces: Flowing With Intuition and Spirit

Full Moon in Pisces BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of belatina.com

The busy Virgo season tapers off this week as the mystical Full Moon in Pisces on Monday, September 20 at 7:54 pm ET/4:54 pm PT. It guides us into more reflection and psychic insights!  

We’ve worked hard and dug deep into our hearts to focus on what’s important, and now it’s time to quiet our minds long enough to allow ourselves to trust our inner knowing! 

Virgo, the analytical sign, deals in specifics. But the Neptunian flow of Pisces gives us feelings, shadows, light, and only pieces of the puzzle that will come together en su divino tiempo! This dreamy moon is also called the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  

Harvest Moon BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Star Walk.

What is the Harvest Moon? 

The Native Americans moved with the cycles of the moon and the seasons and watched for September’s full moon to gather their crops every Autumn. This Full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox became known as the Harvest Full Moon

As we gather our successes, review our losses, and take account of this past year, we too are collecting what we’ve sowed. This watery portal invites us into magical breakthroughs as we review the last nine months and begin to feel into what 2022 will bring.

The reality of the political landscape and the pandemic has weighed heavily on the collective and our personal lives. This full moon (emotions, mother, nurturing) in Pisces (intuition, spirit) is a bit of a respite because it nurtures our hopes and dreams as it inspires us to take a load off and chill a minute. 

While Pisces is a sign that can increase sensitivity and make us susceptible to taking things personally, we are not destined to overwhelm this time around! 

Mercury, the messenger planet of communication, forms a harmonious trine to Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, sprinkling their magic dust just an hour before the full moon. Hence, there’s less overwhelm and more optimism and wonder!

Can it be this easy? Hint it all requires you to surrender to your truth and pay attention to the gentle whispers of your soul. Here’s how to make the most of this spiritual moon!

What is the meaning of a Full Moon? 

The moon in astrology is our internal compass that guides our emotional process, sense of security, nurturing, and intuition. Every moon phase illuminates lunar themes that reflect our inner needs and pathways to manifesting our purpose.

New moons are present in the sky when it is dark and release the old and set new habits, ideas, and intentions into play. The new to full moon journey includes the slivers and the crescent moon represented by the waxing phase. Our intentions are like seeds that grow for weeks and months in different cycles and support the different phases of your own life.  

The full moon is the culmination of the intentions set and actions, whether taken or not. Its fullness highlights issues that may be under the surface and add extra voltage to any situation. No wonder werewolves always seem to transform on a full moon! Symbolically, we may also get wilder, more emotional, or highly aware in a preternatural way!   

It’s a time to observe from a pearl of deeper wisdom, a place of more objectivity, and integrate the changes, awareness. It is a deep integration time before we begin releasing, pruning, and letting go, as the moon phase turns to its waning phase. 

Full Moons kick up our narratives that may have started during a new moon and come to an organic conclusion six months later. This full moon in Pisces is connected to the new moon that occurred on March 13, 2021.  

What was developing for you around March 13, 2021? Breathe for a moment and ask yourself what narrative in your life began around that time? Romance, work, family, or questioning your life purpose? Intuitions you may have had and maybe looked away?  

Red flags you ignored earlier have grown so out of control that there is no path but to face them? It can also be a dream or vision that started six months ago whose time has arrived! Perhaps you’ve scored your dream home; your secret crush has made their feelings known, that grant or scholarship has come through! This full moon stokes your creativity and your ability to dream and realize your potential.

Understanding Your Intuitive Flow

Neptune, the mystical planet of illusion and inspiration, is the ruler of Pisces, symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions. The fish represent the tension and constant pull between fantasy and reality. This influences folks with Pisces placements to be some of the most empathic, compassionate, and artistic beings on the planet, as well as possible tending to escapism and fantasy.  

The world hasn’t always been safe for the sensitive. As institutions and old ways begin to crumble (Uranus in Taurus), social media has been sharing old ways made new through information on alternative healing, mindfulness, meditation, astrology, and curanderismo — and it’s just the beginning!  

We are all intuitive. We are wired to receive and send energetic information. If you’ve ever felt full of energy only to walk into a space or talk to someone, even briefly, and you’ve felt a wave of angst, stress, or something you couldn’t quite define- you’ve picked up energetic information. We can call it vibes, energies, “un no se que,” but it’s all the same. Our minds, heart, and bodies are processing invisible information and trying to make sense of it. Our intuition is completely normal. One more time for the folks in the back: we are all intuitive! 

Intuition takes many forms, and we need to spend some time understanding ourselves. Intuition can be defined as “knowing without knowing how we know.” It can take the form of inner knowing (claircognizance), inner seeing (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience), inner sensing (clairsentience), and feelings (empath.) It takes the form of thoughts, sentences, feelings, hunches, gut feelings, sensations. Many of us can remember a time when we had a feeling and didn’t listen and regretted it as well as a time when we followed our intuition and rejoiced! 

Pisces Neptune Getty BELatina Latinx
Pisces and Neptune. Photo courtesy of Getty.

Why do we tend to doubt our intuition? 

Historically, Judeo-Christian religions often repressed our individual and collective intuition by deeming it irrational or even demonic. Four hundred years of witch trials and witch burnings in Europe, beginning in Catalunia and Spain and spreading throughout the continent into the New World, brought the fear of the unknown and the invisible into our conscious minds. Indigenous and African traditions were demonized and oppressed across the world and especially in Latin America. The fear of being ostracized, imprisoned/harmed, or being seen as weird has made many a sensitive hide. Thankfully transformation is underway!

Neptune entered its home sign Pisces in 2012 and stays there until 2025, inspiring us as a collective to question limiting beliefs about our inner knowing. We reclaim our own brand of spirituality, bring ancestral wisdom into modern practice, and become more aware of social injustice. The collective awakening is underway, and the Full Moon can support our intuitive expansion! 

As psychic sponges and empaths (emotional intuitive), it’s very important for Pisces (and all the water signs) to take time out to clear and release emotions/energies that are not theirs and to learn boundaries. 

Like a fish swimming in the collective unconscious, creating boundaries and learning to say no will mean everything — everything. For the rest of us, boundaries will still need to be updated because we all say yes more during the Virgo season and overwork needs to get canceled asap. 

Working with this Intuitive Full Moon

Choose a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be interrupted: a favorite scent, candle, or soft pillow. You may add a glass of water (symbolic of Pisces) and light the candle taking several deep breaths and invoking the Full Moon’s energy. 

Closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Allowing your conscious mind to relax and ask yourself:

  • Do I remember a time where I had a gut feeling and didn’t listen and regretted it? Do I remember when I had a feeling of knowing, and I followed it with success?
  • How did the information come through? Was it a knowing, a feeling, a gut feeling? Write down whatever form your intuitive knowing came through. Pay attention to the form for future intuitive information coming your way!
  • Do I usually listen to my intuition? If yes, how? If no, why not?
  • How do my friends and family view intuition? Do I remember hearing warnings about psychic matters? Are there intuitive folks in my family?
  • Another deep breath and saying a prayer if that’s something you do or simply asking your deepest knowing, “ What do I need to know about my intuition during this Full Moon?”
  • Then, “ What do I need to know about my life at this time? What do I need to know about my path and purpose in 2022?
  • Is there an ancestral fear around intuition I need to release? If yes, take the deepest breath possible and imagine the breath collecting that story and releasing it with a sound — ah! Yes, let it go! 

Allowing yourself to write anything that comes up for you around this then repeating these Full Moon in Pisces intentions:

  • It is now safe for me to understand and deepen my intuition.
  • We are all intuitive, and it’s an inner compass to guide our lives.
  • Every day I allow quiet time to sense and feel what is happening in my world. 
  • It is safe for me to trust that I am guided and led by a Divine knowing. 

Remember that our intuition is always there to support us if we are willing to let go of what we think we want for what may serve us best. 

Those gut feelings let us know if we are betraying ourselves to be liked/loved or feel safe or if something is not what it seems. 

Make time to walk in nature, light a candle, meditate, dance, or take a bath/shower and spend time allowing yourself to call in your knowledge and really receive. Your spirit is waiting!