Full Moon in Scorpio: Alerta! Cambios Ahead

Full Moon in Scorpio BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of consciousreminder.com

The Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the night sky on Monday, April 26th at 11:32 pm and is an invitation for us to take a deep dive into transformation and healing. This one is also a supermoon. 

Yes, it’s exactly what we would think it means. We’re in for lots of healing and clearing of stagnant patterns and habits that may have kept us “safe” in some way but are no longer supporting us in who we are becoming! 

Recently entering Taurus season on April 19th with its influence to slow down, ground and rest — we’ve gathered the resources to face some powerful truths so we can embrace our inner valor!

A full moon happens when it is precisely opposite the sun in the sky. This supermoon, also called the full pink moon, adds extra power to the energies that are at play now. The moon in the full phase is all about integration. 

The dark moon, when there is no moon in the sky, we release/review and allow the unknown to reconnect us with what is important now so we can begin to seed in the new moon phase. 

Resumes, dating, health habits, house cleaning, and any new changes are highly supported in the new moon phase. Then we begin to see a sliver of la luna in the sky! During the waxing phase, we nurture our seeds and continue our progress! 

As the full moon in Scorpio comes in, we can access what we needed. Is it working? Do we need to course-correct? The full moon and its “assess and integrate” flow allow us to feel more whole, see our lives from a holistic view, understand we are works in progress, and that we, like nature, are also inspired by the cycles of life. 

Our environment continually goes through birth, death, and rebirth in some way, just like our bodies, cells, friendships, relationships, jobs, careers, mindsets, and ways of life! At our core, somos puro cambio! We are pure change in motion. Yet we all, at some point, hold on to the dear life we know in sheer terror of the unknown. What if we trusted that we are enough and that The Universe is collaborating to support our wildest dreams? 

The sign of Scorpio is a fixed water sign, meaning that while intense and capable of incredible transformation, it is very resistant to change. Scorpio’s need for intimacy and deep connection can drive us to get clear on our priorities and make time for what really moves us. I don’t mean what’s cute right now. I mean, what moves us to our huesos/our bones. 

Take a moment. Breathe that in. What moves you to your bones? Scorpio’s powerful, sexual, psychic, and spiritual energy can be directed once a decision is made. Let’s take this powerful super moon in Scorpio opposite a stellium ( three or more planets in the same sign) in Taurus (another fixed sign). Let’s make the decision to release what may have worked but isn’t and embrace our self-worth and our creative potential! 

Aries: Release the belief that “I’ve got to do it all myself,” it may bring you too much unpaid overtime at work, at home, or on the phone managing friends. Allow yourself more downtime and time to figure out what is next for YOU. Time flies, and it’s important to feel into what you really desire and start to move away from what you’ve outgrown. It’s ok to ask for support. You’re still a fiery badass. Let your allies and friends in, they do love you, and you deserve it!

Taurus: You’re the best at giving others advice. However, it’s time to look at what you’ve built and listen to yourself. Be your own best counselor. What would you say to yourself if you come complaining about the same situation? You’re so wise. Get unstuck and go into new pastures. Let it be simple. Get up and go. It’s time, and you’ve got this! 

Gemini: Time to shift something big here. We know you can change your mind, your hairstyle, and your music tastes but let’s go deeper. You’ve got more mental activity than most imagine- and then some! Is it time to write that book? Plan your dream trip or get to the healer you’ve been researching? End that off and on-again relationship because you really want a long-term commitment? Exterior changes go only so far, and during this full moon, you have the self-love to say- No more, let’s go deeper! You’ve got to. You owe it to your inner genius. 

Cancer: Holding your emotions so close to your heart that others may not be able to support you when you need it most. Open up. You’re a deeply sensitive being who is also highly capable in the world. Why should it be any different? Embrace that you can be all of that. That is your power. Let go of those that only cry on your shoulders- quietly slipping out the backdoor to play in the sun! Your sun is creativity and collaboration! Just because you understand others so well doesn’t mean you have to aguantar/put up with it. Hand them over to God, the Universe, their wife or mother. Y punto. Boundaries.

Leo: You’re often tap dancing as fast as you can but do you even like tap dancing? Be mindful of getting stuck in a mode of creation because you feel that’s all you’ve got right now. We know things are still tough with the pandemic- just know that you are so gifted, more than you can imagine, and taking that risk or leap to get on stage with what you deeply feel called to will shift everything! Get that crown on straight and know that you deserve love and respect, and if some cannot offer that it does not reflect who you are, it’s a reflection of where they are at on their healing journey. How you respond to them, however, is a reflection of where you are on yours. Release with love and open your heart. Friends/love/clients/followers are waiting for you! 

Virgo: You’ve stated many times what you are not willing to do for success or love. We know you have integrity and self-worth… what are you willing to do, though? Move to another state for work? Start your business poco a poco? Focusing too much on what folks out there are doing, and the ways in which your industry has failed your profession/career/art isn’t going to help you get yours. Breathe, you strategic beauty you. Release it. You’re here to do things in a way that works for you and is kind to others and the community. Get YOUR best practices for health, love, and career because you deserve to create what is best for you! 

Libra: As you quietly manage all the things you’re starting to feel a whisper, a knowing or an intuitive download that change is near. This Full Moon is asking you to worry less about keeping things diplomatic and to choose what you want over what you “should” do.
That doesn’t necessarily mean you create an outgoing message saying “Gone to Puerto Rico” on your inbox and run off to an island. Or it could. Where are you in the great balance of all the things you juggle on a daily basis? It does mean that being gracious and kind and meeting others’ expectations have got you as far as it can with a particular situation in your life- what is your intuitive knowing saying now? You’re being guided to shift tactics both for this situation and for an opportunity to recharge. Time to book that vacation in advance sis, even if it’s not the right time for everyone else. Being in beautiful spaces and places will recharge you.

Scorpio: It’s on! No more being deep by yourself! The full moon invites you to release betrayals that have made you hide your presence and light. Forgive them and free yourself because this moon wants to bring you out of the flames of the past and help you rise! You truly can survive just about anything- and you don’t have to. Anchor yourself deeply in the knowledge that you are more than enough and that it’s time to thrive! How you thrive is up to you, but it will mean giving up the hurts, relationships that hold you down. You’re a powerful being, and the world needs more loyal, courageous folks! 

Sagittarius: You love your freedom, and the Full Moon wants you feeling even more liberated! It’s time to ask if there’s any mindset that keeps you at a job you really don’t love, single when you actually want to mingle, and in motion when you really want some quiet. Take a moment, stop and feel into what expanding your freedom means at this time. It doesn’t have to happen quickly or overnight, but get the ball rolling with that resume and get your cute self out there and have a flirt fest! Freedom can mean many no’s, and that yes that changes your life in inspiring ways this year! 

Capricorn: You’re trying to make sure all the people you love are comfortable this year- and you’ve done a great job. Step away from being the guide and power behind the scene of situations. Call your power back into your own mind, body, and spirit, and ask where you’ve kept yourself busy to avoid some of your own needs? You’re a born leader, and it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Make space because if you’re single facing and releasing some fears around love will bring positive outcomes, and if you’re partnered, it can bring greater support, intimacy, and closeness. Receiving is a beautiful blessing and lesson for you as you open to more of life’s bounties! 

Aquarius: You’ve seen it all coming, we know you’re a visionary sort- and what about what life wants to give you that you haven’t seen yet? Take a short trip or even a walk to a beautiful spot where you can feel into this Full moon and ask yourself,” Is there an idea I deemed too out there whose time has come?” Your mental acuity and innovative ways are superpowers, and it’s time to call them forth to create anew. We know it’s easy to get comfy. Please don’t. The future is calling, and she needs your focus!

Pisces: Melding with all that is, feeling all the feels are what you live for, and this supermoon says, “stop, wait a minute.” Even though you feel how good people are and what their struggles are doesn’t mean they are right for you as a lover, friend, or business partner. Making these tough decisions now doesn’t mean that you are not the loving and sensitive soul you’re known to be. It means your maturing and understanding that you’ve got to have boundaries and standards so you can gather your efforts and continue creating love and life that is your most beautiful masterpiece!