Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Embodying Our Self-Worth

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of belatina.com

The final eclipse of 2021 comes to us with an invitation to fully embody the changes we’ve been experiencing this year! 

The Full Moon and lunar eclipse arrive at the end of the intense Scorpio (filled with transformation, power, and mystery) season in the sensual, fixed earth sign of Taurus (the embodiment of earthly pleasures and finances). It’s not all deep-tissue massages and bonbons, though; it’s about being who we’ve been molding ourselves to be this year – and not everyone will be thrilled with who we are. 

It’s impossible to please everyone, so this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is inviting us to take a look at our highest good by owning our worth, showing up differently in the world, and leaving people-pleasing behind. 

We often care about what others think more than we care to admit (and there’s a reason for it)! From ancestral caves and tribes to the modern-day boardroom or administrative office, we need each other to survive and thrive. Being kicked out of our family, tribe, or group may create extreme hardship, yet we are hard-wired to continue our interdependency. 

As children, we depended on our family to love us and secure our well-being. Early on, we learned to please others to survive and unconsciously take on responsibilities for the sake of protecting the feelings and welfare of others. But what happens when we upset those that offer security and love? Many of us are taught that disagreements, being different, or choosing an alternate path will shake up our relationships and affect our security. 

Yet, we have learned how to navigate our family, friendships, and hierarchies at work or school. Full Moon allows us to say, “What part of myself have I left behind in order to ingratiate myself with family, partners, relationships, and career?”

Here’s the thing: You are not the parent of your friend’s unhealed inner child, nor should we expect others to pick up our messes. At some point in our lives, we have taken on way too much responsibility for others’ feelings or expectations of us. But how about we let others be accountable to themselves, and we call back our energy to focus on our own path? 

The calling back of our fullest energy and self-worth will allow us to gain the mental, emotional, and spiritual fuel we need to focus on our big dreams!  

 It’s not a time to hold back or be passive; it’s a time to move swiftly and practically towards your goals. In North America, the Algonquin tribes and early colonial Americans used their last chance to set beaver traps before winter, thus naming this November’s lunation the Beaver Moon. This translates for us in reviewing or creating a strategy or plans to “trap” a goal or opportunity that we’ve been manifesting since the Taurus new moon.

How Eclipses Affect Us

The moon and her cycles represent our emotional compass and process; it symbolizes our connection to intuition and our mother and sense of security. In its complete beauty and visibility, the Full Moon highlights these themes while kicking this powerful spotlight into overdrive. This is one lunar combo we are encouraged not to ignore! 

Full Moons tend to have a bad reputation for bringing out the werewolves in fairy tales and igniting extra emotional outbursts in our everyday life. Yet, the amplification of our emotions has a purpose. 

Most often, these outbursts or emotional projection that ensue during the Full Moon gives voice to previously repressed stress, pain, and unresolved trauma.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon. This phenomenon casts a shadow over the moon, setting a tug of war between lightness and darkness. Thus, bringing in a tension-filled dance of duality, which can lead to breakthroughs, life-altering shifts, and even crises. A lunar eclipse forces the issues forward and urges you to begin to question life decisions. You may, for example, finally decide it’s time to quit a job, career, or marriage — and doing it quickly so as not to turn back. 

Not all of these breakthroughs are instantly visible. They may manifest in being open to discussing a previously unshared traumatic event with your therapist; admit to your partner that your marriage is struggling, explore possible relocation, or hire that healer/trainer or shaman to support you in the lifestyle changes you are seeking! Remember that you don’t need to move forcefully because the eclipse is doing it for you! 

Full Moon Taurus Themes

When Taurus is prominent in the chart, through the sun sign, or another luminary in a Taurus placement, the individual tends to be steady, loyal, consistent, sensual, and bull-headed at times. Anyone with Taurus influences loves creature comforts; beauty Taurus rules the second house of income, money, and self-worth, so this area of their life will be up for review. Taurus — and fixed signs especially — but all are welcome to explore second house issues during this Full Moon. 

It’s time to reflect and be as honest with yourself as you can be with others, “Am I truly as secure as I think I am in 2nd house matters? What steps do I need to take to honor myself in daily interactions and create more security for myself in the long-term?”

It’s time to review relationships, expectations, and what you receive when you show up to the table; it cannot be one-sided where you are overworking and over-giving. This is a great moon to review household duties and any imbalance you’ve been putting up with. Taurus, it’s time to have important conversations that can really change how you live for the better! 

An activating square to Jupiter (expansion, optimism) in Aquarius (visionary, rebel) is hell-bent on bringing change to all the signs, especially the fixed ones: Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Leo. Be mindful of biting off more than you can chew! This Aquarian influence wants to shake up conventions and just because you are used to biting and chewing more than most doesn’t mean it needs to continue this way. 

This eclipse is also in a T-square (three planets squaring off one another simultaneously) with fiery Mars in Scorpio, rabble-rouser Uranus in Taurus, disciplinarian Saturn in Aquarius, and they will indeed stir up the pot! Shake-ups, unexpected layoffs, and arguments may arise to be handled. Thankfully, the Moon (houses emotions and intuition) forms a harmonizing trine to Pluto (known to be the transformer). Overall, whatever happens, you’ll get through it with energy to keep moving, pa’lante! 

Our Healing Exploration with the Full Moon 

We’ve already begun our healing exploration! Let’s go deeper! Please take some private time for yourself, pull out your journal, light a candle, and breathe deeply. Envision yourself in your favorite place in nature. Remember that Taurus is the sign of nature and earth! Imagine yourself sitting in this place and letting the beautiful, energetic roots of light extend from your legs and feet. Breathe in and welcome Pachamama (Mother Earth) and give thanks for her children’s support. As you connect to the deep earth, breathe, and call back your energy. 

  •     “I call back my energy and only the energy that is needed now for this Full Moon in Taurus.” Repeat three times.
  •     “I call back the power I give others to define me.” Repeat this three times as well
  •     Allow yourself to breathe in the energy you’re calling back and then the energy of the earth and allow flow into every cell, every muscle, and every system of your body. When you feel connected and lighter, gently open your eyes.
  •     Review, “What part of myself have I left behind in order to ingratiate myself with family, partners, relationships, and career?”
  •     How do I usually define my self-worth? Is it money, career, motherhood, and/or family? 
  •     Breath in and say, “What if I am enough and deserving by just existing? “What if my self-worth is not tied into how much I make, what I look like, or who is in my life or where I live?” Allow yourself to journal. 
  •     Explore how you can honor yourself in your interactions without giving in to the fear of displeasing others or overgiving.
  •     What would embodying my self-worth feel and look like for me?” Spend some time writing this out and then close your eyes and embody that feeling – that inner truth.

As we move through this last eclipse and the imminent changes, we know that astrology is at its heart wisdom for our evolution. Beyond labels and trite descriptions, it carries sacred medicine in the form of powerful archetypes to support us in our healing, transformation, and growth. 

The symbol for Taurus in its simplest form is the Bull, and, on the evolutionary path, they become the winged horse, Pegasus. And as humans, we are walking, crawling, jumping, collaborating, and flying our way to our deepest healing and greatest expansion!