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Game of Thrones Fans, Keep Your Eye on Argentine Director Miguel Sapochnik

Game of Thrones Fans, Keep Your Eye on Argentine Director Miguel Sapochnik belatina latine
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Miguel Sapochnik is a filmmaker with Argentine roots and one of the key masterminds behind bringing the “Game of Thrones” world. He also aided in bringing the iconic Jon Snow storyline to life.

Sapochnik was a co-showrunner on “Game of Thrones: House of The Dragon” for season one. However, a recent announcement stated he’d be stepping down as showrunner for season two. This incited the “Game of Thrones” theorists’ to speculate about his future projects.

Sapochnik’s work speaks for itself

The Argentine filmmaker gained love from the fan base after directing three of the top ten rated episodes of the 73-episode series.

He directed other episodes, including the disappointing Season 8 E3 “The Long Night,” which resulted in a frustrating conclusion to Jon Snow’s eight-season storyline. 

That was not Sapochnick’s fault, as his vision as director was one of the few highlights of the season. He earned an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding directing.” It’s no doubt it was due to his unique vision in shooting battle scenes.

So, fans were excited to learn that Sapochnik was set to be the showrunner for “House of the Dragon.” 

The first season, released on August 21, already amassed great reviews and many have credited Sapochnik for the show’s success. The actor who portrayed Jon Snow, Kit Harington, recently shared his thoughts on ET Canada about the show and Sapochnik.

“I’m really enjoying it, my friend Miguel show-run it, so I’m really enjoying it,” said Harington. 

Harington also spoke with Josh Horowitz who was excited to watch Sapochnik’s work again.

 “I watched it not because I was intrigued but because Miguel is my friend and I wanted to see what he’s done with it,” he said.

Many are wondering about the Argentine filmmaker’s decision to leave

So, why would the Argentine filmmaker leave such a success after one season? 

The fans and the former cast are in support of Sapochnik. They love all of his work. Perhaps Miguel Sapochnik feels satisfied with everything he’s done in the “Game of Thrones” world. However, I don’t think that’s the case.

About two months ago, news broke that George RR Martin, “Game of Thrones” creator, and Kit Harington have been working on a spin-off/sequel series about the fan-favorite character, Jon Snow. 

The mother of dragons herself, Emilia Clarke, shared the news in an interview. Martin also confirmed the series is in development on his website.

What could this mean for the director?

The Argentine director, Sapochnik, was behind the camera during some of the greatest moments for Jon Snow. You can only imagine there are feelings of unfinished business with this character. 

If Sapochnik and Harington reunite to give Jon Snow that last character arc and become Aegon the Promised aka Azur Ahai, it will bring lots of joy to the franchise’s fanbase.

And it may seem as though Sapochnik‘s days in Westeros are not over yet. 

After the first season of “House of the Dragon,” the Jon Snow spinoff show might be announced — with showrunner and Director Miguel Sapochnik at the helm, and Kit Harington and George RR Martin as series creators.

What are your thoughts on Sapochnik’s future?

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