Getting Fit Made Easy As Told by A Real Personal Trainer

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The New Year always delights us with a clean slate to all our ambitions, whether we pick up where we left off or started it off from square one. 

One of the most common New Year resolutions we make is the commitment to transform our body. Your body is a temple, after all — and it should be treated as such, even if it takes a little more effort. 

We believe in a happy mind leading to a happy body — it’s the inside out that matters. Once the interior is comfortable, the outside continues, and we spoke to personal trainer Juan Delgado for tips for strength training to get you started!

This year is our year to get fit!

What do you recommend for those starting or thinking of starting strength training?

My recommendation for all those who want to start training and take care of their health is to start with steps since we all do not have the same conditions. 

The ideal would be to have a support to guide and correct them when starting to train. To execute each exercise correctly, the main thing to keep in mind is: straight back, do not extend the knees, elbows, and hips abruptly. 

To tone up, you need to perform strength training, accompanied by a good eating plan, which is not very restrictive and creates adherence in people so that it becomes a routine rather than a diet, without restricting any food and consume all macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, meeting the daily requirements of each individual.

Since gyms are not open to many right now, what weights/bands do you recommend?

For home workouts, it is vital to be creative, as we may have a lot of equipment at home without knowing it. 

I usually recommend using a bag to which you can add weight with anything you have at home, such as books, food, and others. This way, we will work a little heavier each time. 

Regarding the use of weights, you have to look for the one that best suits you and allows you to perform a variety of exercises, with a resistance where you can perform the complete movement and correctly, I advise you to look for the weights that have a pulley type grip, they are long and depending on the exercise you can adapt their tension and position. 

Now, to determine which weights, it all depends on the level in which each person is because if you are in an advanced level, I would recommend a minimum of 10 kg dumbbells each. If the person is a beginner, you can start with 2.5 kg dumbbells that will not last long if your goal is to advance, then, for beginners and intermediate level, I would recommend 5 kg dumbbells each. 

The difficulty of each workout will be determined by the intensity you exercise.

As far as nutrition – what are the essential foods to consume while training?

Any person’s diet, training or not, must be balanced, consuming carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 

Among the carbohydrates that I consider essential to be included in a diet plan for a person who trains should be white or brown rice, oatmeal, pasta, potato, banana, sweet potato, bread, cornflour, among others. Fruits and vegetables. 

I lean more towards white meats such as chicken, fish for protein. Red meats can also be included, but the cut should be lean and low in fat. 

As far as fats are concerned, “good fats” such as avocado, coconut, nuts, olive oil, and coconut oil are among many other sources. But it is imperative to consume the correct amounts that each individual needs according to their goals so that there are no deficiencies or excesses and thus have a rich diet. 

How often should people consider training?

Nowadays, we live in a world where everything has become, for the most part, “easy,” taking away more and more of our mobility and making us more and more sedentary. 

Each person must take action on this, decide to move a little more, walk, climb stairs, etc. That small change has more impact than you think. Ideally, it would be a minimum of 4 days a week and a maximum of 6 days, since our body also needs at least one day of rest.

How has personal training changed you or your clients?

Personally, it has generated changes in many aspects: both physically and mentally. It has shown me that every effort has its reward and that we can achieve things that we do not believe we are capable of, and just as it applies in the gym, it also applies to any aspect of our lives. 

Training has become part of my life; it is where I can drain many emotions or stress that may arise from day to day. Concerning my clients or advisors, they give me the pleasure that regardless of sex or age, they have had the same impact, making a change in their lives by eating well, training, but above all enjoying, because when you learn to lead this lifestyle, there are no restrictions when it comes to gatherings with friends, work or loved ones. 

My clients inspire me because they push themselves, challenge themselves, and stay consistent, and if they can do it, I can keep going and going. Training leads to physical and mental strength, discipline, dedication and boosts morale and self-esteem.