Give the Gift of Self-Care With These Products Created By Latinx Entrepreneurs

Give the Gift of Self-Care BELatina Latinx
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Many emotions come to the surface when the holidays are nearing. Sure, it is the season of joy and love, but let’s be honest with one another; it can be stressful too. 

Somewhere between rushing to buy our loved ones their gifts and preparing the right recipe for the upcoming celebrations, it seems like everyone forgets to prioritize themselves, hence their self-care. This is why we must help our family and friends put themselves first. 

We’ve taken the liberty at BELatina News to curate a list of self-care gifts that will have anyone who receives them smiling through 2022.

From skincare products created by Latina entrepreneurs to intimate pleasure, we’re sure there’s a gift for everyone on this list. 

We understand that everyone’s self-care routine may look different, but we are sure that everyone can agree that setting some time aside for yourself is a vital part of it. Whether it’s lathering up with some moisturizer or basking in the wonderful aromas of Latinx-inspired candles, these items are going to be cherished by the right person for that much-needed pause from a hectic schedule. 

So, shop with our ten best self-care gifts in mind. You’ll see that we’ve got you covered, from stocking stuffers to practical, at-home experiences that promote relaxation. As you browse for the perfect self-care gift in this list, make sure you don’t forget about yourself. 

Coquito Candle

Coquito Candle BELatina Latinx

Nothing says self-care like lighting the right candle, and Melissa Gallardo, the Salvadoran-descent founder of Bonita Fierce Candles, has everyone covered with all the best scents. These aromas are deeply rooted in the Latinx community, which are sure to help release endorphins as soon as the fire touches the wick. Get the “Coquito” scent this holiday for an even more special experience. 

Cost: $30

Bonita Fierce Candles

Trio Bundle: The Manager, Lifter & Cleanser

Trio Bundle- The Manager, Lifter & Cleanser self-care BELatina Latinx

Showertime should be a sacred time, and giving yourself the proper care is of the utmost importance. This Botanika Beauty bundle is a jump start to self-care, and founder Aisha Ceballos-Crump understands it oh-too-well. 

Cost: $25

Botanika Beauty 

Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana 2022 Weekly Planner

Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana 2022 Weekly Planner gift BELatina Latinx

Patty Delgado, designer and founder of Hija de tu Madre, strives to create fashionable statements of identity with the brand and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to creating new items. Let’s take this planner, for instance. The Latina designer knows that being organized is also self-care. So, gift this 2022 to your gente or get one yourself to start planning all the jefa moves you’ll be making next year. 

Cost: $49.99

Hija de tu Madre

Guava & Guanabana Cleansing Bar

Guava & Guanabana Cleansing Bar BELatina Latinx gift self-care

There’s something beautiful and almost euphoric in being able to be caressed by the natural scents Mother Earth gives us. So, try this luxury skincare brand founded by the amazing Afro-Latina entrepreneur Adriana Isabel Robinson Rivera, whose mission has always been to offer natural, effective products that represent her roots. 

Cost: $12

Reina Skincare

Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll gift self-care BELatina Latinx

Colombian-American Daniella Levy emprendedora is promoting vaginal wellness, a step no one should skip. After all, keeping a healthy body is key to our overall wellness. This liquid chlorophyll will help detoxify the body and eliminate unwanted body odors. And, let’s be honest, a V that is taken care of is a happy V, and that can put anyone in a good mood. 

Cost: $17.99 

Happy V

100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask & Scrunchie Set

100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask & Scrunchie Set BELatina Latinx

The Dominican badass, Priscilla Jiminian, created Skinergy Beauty due to the lack of inclusivity in the industry. Now, it helps other Latinas and Afro-Latinas feel empowered during the moments they need to wind down. So, since she knows that sleep is a vital part of anyone’s self-care, she is ready to equip anyone with a 100% mulberry silk sleep mask and scrunchie set for a restful night.

Cost: $26.99

Skinergy Beauty 

Holiday Yerba Mate Set

Holiday Yerba Mate Set self-care gift BELatina Latinx

The Argentinian yerba mate expert, Ana Goldseker, is setting the world up for success with this holiday yerba mate set this year. Usually drunk in South American countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, Yerba mate is part of an important cultural tradition. However, its benefits may be extensive. It is said that it may help treat some mental health conditions. Goldseker took the time even to print instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup of yerba mate in this gift set. This gift is great for beginners as well as experienced yerba mate drinkers. 

Cost: $37

SoulMaté Yerba Co

Firm-Shell Body Oil

Firm-Shell Body Oil BELatina Latinx

Earth’s Shell, created by Latina Cosmetologist Estefani German,  believes in products free of chemicals and toxic ingredients that harm the human body. And that’s exactly what she’s delivered, allowing our community to treat ourselves with care without compromising ourselves. The Firm-Shell Oil is a luxurious blend of botanical oils that hydrates skin and helps restore elasticity in the skin. Working towards taking care of every inch of your body is not only self-care; it’s self-love. 

Cost: $48

Earth’s Shell

dreamlover (relaxing)

dreamlover (relaxing) gift self-care BELatina Latinx

Latino founder and creative director of Shocks of Love, Juan Felipe Rendon, a certified aromatherapist, meditation teacher, and self-taught perfumer, is all about self-care. He has created fragrances that are all vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. This scent was made with lavender and chamomile, which are known to exude soothing scents. A spray or a few sprays of this scent will have anyone feeling like stress doesn’t exist (or so we hope that’s everyone’s experience.)

Cost: $65

Shocks of Love


Vibe gift self-cafe BELatina Latinx

There’s no better de-stressor than self-pleasuring. There just isn’t — I don’t make the rules. Thankfully, the Mexican-born entrepreneur, Éva Goicochea, created the sexual wellness brand Maude. Goicochea believes in well-designed and affordable products for anyone seeking modern intimacy. So, give your friend or yourself the “Vibe,” or the gift of pleasure and love. 

Cost: $45


These gifts are sure to make your friends, family, and even yourself happy during this holiday.