Girl Ultra Questions ‘Modern Loves’ in New Single

Girl Ultra BELatina Latinx
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Girl Ultra, the Mexican R&B singer, has released her new single “Amores de Droga,” along with a video shot on 16mm and full of symbolism. In “Amores de Droga,” the singer questions what she calls “modern loves” and claims she wasn’t born to fall in love.

The video for “Amores De Droga” was shot on a 16mm film in Los Angeles and directed by Cole Santiago (Bad Bunny, Willow Smith, Lorde). The video tells the story of a runaway for love on her wedding day. In the clip, Girl Ultra runs away with a punk boy, played by Pablo Sotelo (from the band Inner Wave).

Born in the south of Mexico City, Mariana de Miguel, better known as Girl Ultra, has become the heroine of the R&B genre in the Latin American scene.

With the help of Wet Baes, then her boyfriend, Girl Ultra, started playing with bands at a very young age. Baes introduced her to David Oranday, better known in the music industry as Cheeks, or in his role as DJ under the name Teen Flirt, and who heads the label Finesse Records, created in Monterrey in 2012 as a creative response to all that wave of violence that hit the northeast of Mexico.

In 2019, Girl Ultra began to make a name for herself and debuted with her first album “Nuevos Aires.”

“My main idea was to use R&B, which is a lesser-known genre in my country, to develop a new language where I could translate the music I grew up with, which was mostly from the late 70s, 80s, and early 90s,” the singer said in a press release.

Now, Girl Ultra is preparing her new EP. Her first single, “Rosas,” fuses the classic bolero style with Latin R&B. The song mixes eclectic instrumentation with classical guitar, deconstructed percussion influences, and Jersey club music.

“Amores De Droga” is her second release from this project.