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Gloria Estefan Is Now A Barbie Signature Doll

Gloria Estefan Is Now A Barbie Signature Doll belatina latine

We all know that Gloria Estefan is a gem far beyond the Latin music industry. From the Miami Sound Machine to becoming a global superstar, her latest achievement cements her influence. So, what’s the buzz all about? On September 1, the Cuban-American icon revealed that she’s now an official Barbie doll! Yes, you read that right!

What does this mean to the “Conga” singer?

“I’m well-known in the Hispanic world as someone who has maintained their culture,” she told E! News. “Despite the fact that we’ve recorded in English and had pop hits all over the world, we never allowed anyone to change our sound, our image and kept the Latinismo in our music.”

She continued: “So, for a little Hispanic girl to see herself reflected and say, ‘Maybe one day I could do something that would have someone make a Barbie about me,’ it’s really cool.”

Why was the “Get on Your Feet” outfit used?

The details of the Barbie – designed by Javier Meabe – are also as immaculate as the singer’s musical pieces. Her doll’s look is a copy of her iconic “Get on Your Feet” outfit.

Why was this outfit so significant to her? She explained that she added torrero jackets because her grandfather was from Asturias, Spain and that the outfit had a “mix” of Moroccan because of Emilio Estefan’s Lebanese family. “It’s just one of my favorite looks that I’ve ever had.”

“Taking inspiration from her Cuban heritage and blending Latin rhythms with pop and dance beats, Gloria Estefan’s unique sound catapulted her to stardom, making her one of the most successful crossover artists in the world,” the Mattel official website wrote about the signature doll. “Inspired by the iconic music video for Estefan’s chart-topping 1989 hit, ‘Get on Your Feet,’ Barbie doll’s jacket features intricate golden detailing with jeweled accents and a dramatic, oversized lace sleeve. A golden waist chain accentuates her soft leopard belt, while bold thigh-high boots and golden accessories complete her look.”

Estefan’s Barbie signature doll is available for pre-order now, and it is priced at $55.

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