¡Vamos! GoNoodle Is Highlighting Latino Cultures, And It’s a Must-Have

GoNoodle BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of ¡Vamos! GoNoodle

The current theme of our nation is to be more inclusive while embracing diversity. It’s wonderful and the way it should be if you ask me. 

As we all know, the United States is home to various cultures, which is why it’s essential to create spaces where everyone can come together. GoNoodle is doing precisely that. 

GoNoodle is a media and technology company that provides active engagement products for kids. The product was created by social-emotional learning experts who are continuously looking for ways to empower future generations. This is why they launched ¡Vamos! GoNoodle.

¡Vamos! GoNoodle is a new multi-platform that continues to streamline the company’s vision. This recent addition to GoNoodle will feature bilingual, Spanish and English content to help Latino children and others shine. It will also provide bilingual and Spanish versions of some of its most notable videos and introduce new content such as Súper Rufus Súper Soccer and GoNoodle’s new musical act, Enmoción.

Their latest platform derived from GoNoodle’s commitment to inclusivity and creating culturally-relevant technological content that targets the well-being, whether physical or emotional, of children. 

GoNoodle’s CEO, KC Estenson, has believed this from the start.

“To work with kids is to be embedded in the diversity of our country and our world. ¡Vamos! GoNoodle will allow all kids to bond with new friends through language, music, and dance,said Estenson.

They were able to solidify their vision after partnering with Black/Brown to strategically develop a foundation that was entrenched in culturally responsible and inclusive content. Consequently, all children, including Latino children, will now get the opportunity to use the new resources made available by ¡Vamos! GoNoodle to celebrate Latino cultures.

“We are not simply translating GoNoodle ¡Vamos! GoNoodle is a celebration of the Latino cultures we see across our audience. It is bilingual and bicultural content that we hope will inspire movement and create good energy for every kid.”

However, children are not the only ones who can benefit from ¡Vamos! GoNoodle. Parents and teachers are welcomed to explore the tools embedded in this digital multiverse. 

In fact, many elementary school teachers are already familiar with the platform.

“GoNoodle is a must-have in my classroom. It sparks my student’s interest and engages them in a fun and educational way. I teach at a dual language school, one week in Spanish, the next in English, so I’m constantly on the hunt for bilingual content,” says Ms. Miranda, a fourth-grade teacher at Farine Elementary in the Dallas area. “I am grateful that ¡Vamos! GoNoodle will be inclusive to all of my students and promote and celebrate Latino cultures.”

Technology has not only become a part of our lives; it’s become a part of children’s lives as well. Ignoring it does more harm than good, and depriving children of technology isn’t always the best solution. 

However, most of us know that children often end up sucked into games that provide them no substance. There’s no doubt ¡Vamos! GoNoodle is a necessary tool that will allow children to be inspired through their digital devices as they develop physically, academically, and emotionally.