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The Ultimate Guide for Conquering the World as a Solo Female Traveler

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Exploring the world alone as a female might sound seem daunting to some. Safety is always a concern, especially when visiting countries with a high rate of femicide, but when you have a real burning desire to travel, and none of your friends, family members or your partner (if you’re in a relationship) are available, going solo is always an option if you take the precautions. 

The bright side of solo traveling is that you might discover more. Why? Because traveling alone encourages you to become more adaptable, trust in your judgment with less hesitation, exert self-reliance and engage in self-reflection. So if you’re ready to embark into a solo travel getaway, here are some key tips:

6 Make Sure Your Passport is Up to Date

You’d be shocked to learn how many people make the mistake of not keeping their passports up to date. When traveling, make sure it is valid for at least six months past your intended travels. 

Check the Visa or Global Entry Program

Certain countries might have special entry requirements. Checking for information about global entry and visa programs is a great idea; in fact, we recommend that you get this sorted out as soon as you can. Usually, this paperwork can take extra time and leaving until last-minute may hamper your chances of being allowed entry to the country. 

Research, Research, Research, and Research

Doing a fair amount of research will help you determine what to do, where to go, and what to bring. Coordinate your “must do’s” and always have a few other options. The beauty of traveling independently is that you can really make the most of your time. You can make your own rules and follow them on your own terms.

Pack Only What You Need

Now that you’ve considered what you’ll be doing, pack accordingly. Over-packing can be a burden (especially when traveling alone), so select your items carefully. Think about packing clothes that can be mixed and matched easily to create varying looks. Travel size items are clutched and don’t forget to leave a little room for souvenirs.

5 Book a Good Flight

Many people like to book a package deal with flights and accommodation included — which is a good idea — but sometimes to get the best flights you need to find a hotel separately. Consider what airline you would like to fly based on your prior experiences and if you are a first-time traveler talk to your friends for their recommendations. Travelers should always choose a reputable airline with comfortable accommodations (seating, beverage/food service, etc.) and good reviews.

Take a Dose of Confidence Wherever You Go

A lack of confidence in organizing and navigating a long foreign trip alone can make you feel overwhelmed. The hassle of taking planes, trains, or automobiles shouldn’t be a concern. Prepare routes and locations beforehand. Stagger your trips and make sure you have enough time to make the connections.

4 Take Safety Measures to Avoid Being Harassed 

How can you be sure you will be safe in an unfamiliar place? Regardless of your gender or gender identity, there is always a certain amount of risk to which travelers may be exposed. To safeguard yourself when you are traveling abroad, single or not, you might consider wearing a fake wedding ring to avoid unwelcome suitors. Also, always use your phone as a tracker device. Pretend you are a local rather than a lost tourist by listening to the directions on your headphones instead of looking at the map directly. People will simply think you are listening to music.

3 Make Friends and Keep their Contact Information

The world can be a lonely place sometimes, so it’s always nice to make friends. Solo travel has increased in popularity over the past decade, and statistics show that 59% of agents reported more clients traveling alone. However, traveling alone doesn’t mean you can’t have human interaction. 

Document Your Travel as Much as Possible 

Keep a record of your adventures and experiences by sharing it on social media or creating a blog on WordPress or Blogger.com. 

2 Pamper Yourself

With travel, you want a relaxed, chilled out and enjoyable experience; Travel credit cards are a great tool for getting more out of your trip. You can use them to gain air miles and get complimentary access to airport lounges. Booking at hotels with a spa or a pool can provide a stress-free trip. 

1 Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone

While abroad take a dance class, have a fitness vacation, or survivalist trip, all these options are a wonderful way to enhance your experience and make the most of your time as a solo traveler.

The article was originally published on Dreams In Heels by Olga Maria.

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