HACER® National Scholarship Continues to Stay True to Their Word

Photo courtesy of nbcnews.com Belatina, latinx

Often, mainstream media highlights the Latinx community for their struggles with immigration and their status, as well as their involvement in crime rates. However, these types of connections don’t do the city any justice. 

The reality is that the Latinx/Hispanic community residing in the United States has continuously tried to sway away from problematic narratives. Instead, they have made it a point to obtain the much sought after American Dream. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of Latinx students attending college has nearly doubled since the early 2000s. Though it is excellent news, it also comes with some uneasiness. 

It’s no secret that the cost of higher education in the US is absurdly high. There are college students who don’t even have food security as they try to accommodate tuition costs while dealing with other strenuous situations. 

The many challenges Latinx/Hispanic students face to attend college made McDonald’s step in by creating the HACER® National Scholarship program, an initiative that has run for decades. 

Not long ago, the Pew Research Center found that financial issues constantly worry half of the Latinx/Hispanic community. The pandemic hasn’t helped the situation, either. Financial strains are more prominent than ever as the US tries to stabilize an already shaky economy. 

As per PR News Wire, HACER® scholarship committee judge and head of McDonald’s National Hispanic Consumer Market Committee, Santiago Negre, said, “despite the difficulty of this time, students are showing their resiliency by continuing their education.” 

The HACER® National Scholarship program is stronger than ever. Their goal to help Latinx/Hispanic students remains, even in a year that hasn’t been the most kind.

“McDonald’s and our owner/operators are committed to our communities and customers, so we are honored to contribute to the educational pursuits of Hispanic students through the HACER® National Scholarship program, having done so for the last 35 years,” Negre said.

Recently, BELatina News had the pleasure of hearing from some of this HACER® National Scholarship year’s winners. Watch what they had to say below.

If you are a Latinx/Hispanic high school senior who’s ready for college, visit mcdonalds.com/hacer to apply for the McDonald’s HACER® National Scholarship. Parents are also welcomed to visit the site to obtain additional information, which is available in both English and Spanish. 

The scholarship application period is now open for the next academic year.