These Halloween Costumes Are a Total Vibe

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Halloween is one of the most special times because it gives us all a chance to dress up as some of our favorite people. Sometimes people love to dress up as their favorite characters while others love to pay homage to some of their favorite people in history. However you dress up and celebrate Halloween, one thing is clear: you love to show off on social media. Here are a few Halloween costumes guaranteed to spark ideas for next year.

Dora the Explorer


Every year there is at least one person on social media who dresses up as Dora. The young bilingual explorer, with minimal adult supervision, is an iconic character in the cartoon world highlighting Latino culture. Tbh, she does make the most perfect drag costume with those shorts and fierce bob haircut. Dressing up as Dora the Explorer is a sure fire way to make a splash at any Halloween party because everyone knows Dora the Explorer.

Hermione Granger


The Harry Potter series is arguably the most influential and popular book series to ever be released. Friend groups know who belongs to which house and all fans have a favorite character. It has been more than 20 years (you read that right) since the first book was released but the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is still alive and well.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


This classic costume and beloved snack is a delicious addition to any Halloween costume wardrobe. Everyone loves Flamin’ Hot Cheetos so it makes sense that everyone would love to see you dressed up as their favorite snack. Plus, the shape of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bag means you don’t have to fall for the societal traps of dieting to fit a certain body type for the holiday celebrations.

Princess Ariel and Boris the Wolf


Now, this is a great costume duo for the little ones! What girl hasn’t dreamed about being Princess Ariel? Her grand adventures around the ocean have been a part of our childhood and now our children’s childhood. Boris the Wolf is a classic cartoon from the 1920s. You might have thought that it was a black and white Goofy, but it is a vintage cartoon character that this young boy has definitely brought to life.

Captain America


Ummm… how does someone get rescued by this Captain America? This, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of a Halloween costume being somehow more attractive and interesting than the high-budget Hollywood version. Way to go, bro! You definitely nailed this look.

Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo is one of the most iconic artists of all time. Her work has inspired people around the world and her popularity has only grown in recent years. The flower crown look is by far one of the most recognizable interpretations of the Mexican artist and we love to see our community celebrating their greats.

La Chilindrina


La Chilindrina has been a staple in our households for years and it is so great to be able to honor that character on Halloween. What is even better is seeing people like this teacher dressing up as an iconic Latina character to share with younger generations. This is how we can use Halloween to highlight our culture and share it with the world.

Celia Cruz


Celia Cruz made salsa music a major genre of music in the United States when she left Cuba. The late-singer remains a musical icon in Cuban-American households to this day and seeing the little ones getting into their costumes honoring her is just precious. Book series like Lil’ Libros, featured in this photo, have given parents a way to teach their children about the musicians and personalities that have given the Latino community a place at the table.

“In the Heights” Piragua Vendor


The “In the Heights” movie was released this year after being delayed due to Covid. Seeing Latinos telling their own story of Washington Heights brought a newfound moment of pride and excitement in the community. Our language and customs were shown on the big screen proudly. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the play and movie, was featured as the piragua vendor and it seems like this little tyke was so in love with the character that he had to be him for Halloween.



Another Lin-Manuel Miranda creation that has continued to be one of the biggest shows in the world. The live taping that aired on Disney+ during the pandemic gave everyone a chance to finally see the show that so many people have come to love and exalt. It might not be a frightful character, but it is one that we all know and have come to love for bringing history to life with people of color playing the roles.



It isn’t Halloween without at least one person giving our reina some major props. This is just one of her iconic and often repurposed looks. Who can forget the “busti-ca-ca” line from the movie? This look is one that seems both stuck in time and timeless at the same time and we are so happy to see this little reina giving Selena the Halloween love she deserves.