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High School Graduation is a Milestone for Entire Latino Families

One of the proudest moments for any Latino family is graduation day. It is the materialization of a generational effort.

That is why we celebrate with such joy the influx of first and second-generation graduates because we do not forget the sacrifices of past generations.

In search of a better future, many Latinos undertook the immigration adventure, leaving behind dreams and aspirations in their homeland. That is why it is not uncommon to hear how many of our family members did not graduate from high school.

So, as the rate of Latino high school graduates increases, we all join in celebrating the milestone.

This graduation season, we encourage you and your families to make this event a milestone; let this moment be a reward for the sacrifices of so many generations.

And if you have questions about how to encapsulate the joy of the moment, we know just what you need.

May we suggest gifting a picture of your cap and gown to your abuela, abuelo, or anyone you want to show appreciation to? After all, it’s the best way they can flaunt your success – which inherently is theirs too – to anyone who stops by their home.

Having the right display for these photos is a must, and our friends at MyPhoto have some of our favorite ones. 

MyPhoto is a photo memory company that allows anyone to repurpose the photos in their phone’s gallery and place them in carefully designed displays. 

Undoubtedly, anyone’s high school graduation picture will look great in any of the options below.  

Get Ready for Your Photo to Be the Go-to Photo 

High School Graduations is a Milestone for Entire Latino Families Belatina news
Credit: MyPhoto

Use the AirGlass™ to act as a keepsake for your special moment. 

The AirGlass™ is stickable, re-stickable, and leaves no marks. It is made with similar glass to what is used for your iPhone. This featherweight and high-clarity glass is extremely light and adds elegance to any surface it’s used on. 

You Can’t Go Wrong with Acrylic MiniMagnets 

Credit: MyPhoto

Latino households love to decorate their fridge with all sorts of magnets. So, continue the trend by adding your own twist with an Actlic MiniMagnet. Of course, with that perfect high school graduation picture. 

Express Yourself the Way You Want

Credit: MyPhoto

Live, love, and laugh every step of the way as you choose any one of the Acrylic Block Expressions – Sentiments. This display allows you to enhance your favorite photos by adding sentimental text to MyPhoto’s most popular Acrylic Blocks! Add new depth and meaning to those special moments HD printed directly onto 1″ thick acrylic.

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