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Honoring Yourself and the Women in Your Life on International Woman’s Day

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Illustration: Quentin Monge

Women are beautiful beings, they demonstrate the strength of one thousand warriors during the most difficult times. Quiet suffering caused by life’s heartbreaks, disappointments, and frustrations from hardship is more common than imagined. Love’s sacrifices often strip our identity because as nurturers, we do everything in our power to make others happy. The struggle to take care of our needs can be a long drawn losing battle that gets increasingly difficult as loved ones get used to getting their needs being met. 

Have you ever wished you were male or imagined what it’s like to walk the earth as one? Truthfully, there was a moment in time when I thought life would be easier as a man. Early memories as a young adult take me to a period where I wondered what it would be like to live as a male, existing without the pressures of a biological clock, aging looks, and society’s judgment to dictate how I should carry myself. Men are not required to follow rules on the way they dress, walk, talk, and appear to others. They are not restricted to behave like gentlemen; however, women are expected to act like a lady. History tells a tale of inequality that continues in many areas of society. Most recent years have brought progress but there is a long road ahead of us. 

On March 8, the world celebrates International Woman’s Day. The day honors women’s achievements while standing against inequality. The global observance that began in the year 1911 celebrates females’ cultural, economical, political, and social accomplishments. It is the date we use to honor each other in support of how far we have come as a gender.

I no longer ponder thoughts of what it would have been like to be born male. Wisdom and awareness have taken hold of my existence. As I evolve into the woman I am meant to be, it is certain there is no other place for me. Friends, family, colleagues, business and personal acquaintances with a success story share a trail of challenges unique to the gender. On this day we remember the work it takes to achieve goals and dreams. While we take note of the tribulations, let’s find a way to help one another during the journey. Sometimes it is easy to forget the bond we share as women do to the views on competition. Although it can seem like there isn’t enough pie to go around — there is plenty. Offering a helping hand to a woman climbing the ladder whether entrepreneurial, corporate, or otherwise will not set you back. It opens up space to build a foundation where there are more of us to work together towards greatness. They say it takes a village to build something amazing; then why not start the human chain with fellow females to lead the way. Celebrate the IWD, start praise by complementing or helping another woman. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Happy International Woman’s Day!

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