House of Intuition, a Latinx LGBTQ+ Place That Wants To Educate the Community in All Things Metaphysical

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Part of the beauty of Latinx culture is its heterogeneity; its ability to blend in a beautiful syncretism with all sources of spirituality and connection with the energies of the earth. Although we are known for being a deeply Catholic community, the truth is that in Latinx homes, the spirits have a unique space that does not fit into a single category.

This seems to have been understood by Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo, founders of House of Intuition, a spiritual space that wants to educate the community in all things metaphysical.

“Growing up with a Catholic background, I always questioned Catholic traditions. Some things just didn’t sit right with me,” Alex explains. “So as I got older, I began my spiritual journey seeking what felt right for my soul. Throughout my journey, I realized I didn’t have to conform to one single belief system. I decided I would create my own spiritual tradition by taking things that resonated with me from many spiritual and religious practices.”

The economic crisis triggered by the housing bubble in 2007 caused them to reformulate their career paths and found House of Intuition, a mini-chain of metaphysical stores located in the trendy shopping districts of Echo Park, Melrose Avenue, and Highland Park.

What began as a spiritual venture is now a spiritual epicenter for the community and a successful business model.

Between bath salts and herbal scrubs sold at Urban Outfitters, House of Intuition now wants to inspire even more people on the spiritual path.

For Marlene and Alex, magic has profoundly transformed their lives, and they want to share this transformation with everyone.

“As we were slowly recovering from all of the loss, we heavily relied on the power of prayer, ritual, meditation, and candle burning,” Alex continues. “Not only did we experience great emotional comfort from our practice, but it all worked! So then we would have pillow talk about how great it would be to provide a space where we could teach people and provide the tools to empower them. And three years later, in 2010, that pillow talk became a reality.”

House of Intuition sells products, hosts 65 workshops a month, and offers one-on-one consultations with 13 healers and tarot readers. As LA Magazine explained, the sessions revolve around divination, mediation, astrology, and past life regression.

Now, Alex and Marlene are releasing Your Intuition Led You Here, a book on December 28, which tells how they transformed their lives through rituals. According to Popsugar, the book includes 32 rituals that helped the founders overcome adultery, bankruptcy, and the darkest moment of their lives.