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How to Navigate the Sudden Onslaught of Natural Deodorants on the Market

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In the world of body odor and personal hygiene, going au natural is a really nice idea, but you have to do it right. After all, when left to our own devices on a hot, humid day or after a rigorous workout, our natural scent can quickly go from good to gross if not properly tended to. Do a quick Google search for “natural deodorant” and there is a seemingly endless array of options to choose from.

From brands you know (think Tom’s of Maine and even Dove) to brands you’ve never heard of but will never forget — natural deodorant is a thing, and if you ask the natural beauty experts and the diehard customers who swear by these products, it really works.

Let’s Talk About Body Odor

We know no one likes to talk about (or smell) body odor, but it happens, it’s unpleasant, it can be prevented, and it’s a part of life. Body odor happens when certain glands in your body produce fluid (aka sweat) that is secreted from pores in various parts of your body.

Specifically, when those secretions are released from areas such as your underarms or groin, you develop body odor, but it’s not because the fluid itself actually smells. According to The Mayo Clinic, “this fluid is odorless until it combines with bacteria found normally on your skin.” So essentially, healthy bacteria that exists on the surface of your skin combines with natural secretions and voila: you stink. Since it doesn’t seem to be a realistic goal to just never ever sweat again, what is a person to do?

There is a misconception that when it comes to body odor, “natural” is synonymous with ineffective, but in reality the vast selection of natural deodorants on the market offer safe ingredients without sacrificing quality.

Enter Natural Deodorant, An Odor-Combatting Miracle Drug

Deodorant is considered an over-the-counter (OTC) drug, and it includes various formulas of chemicals or even better, natural ingredients, that combine to combat body odor. Deodorant products can work to prevent body odor by doing two things:

– Preventing perspiration by minimizing sweat and preventing wetness

– Masking foul smells by applying a fragrance to cover underarm odor  

In addition, deodorant products change the skin’s surface, making the skin more acidic, which then makes it more difficult for bacteria to thrive. Without bacteria, the release of sweat won’t result in unpleasant body odor.

Because there are some potential risks of using chemical deodorants, such as a possible link between chemical deodorants and breast cancer, many people have turned to natural deodorants as a solution. There is a misconception that when it comes to body odor, “natural” is synonymous with ineffective, but in reality the vast selection of natural deodorants on the market offer safe ingredients without sacrificing quality.

For anyone who’s not thrilled with the idea of putting chemicals on your body multiple times a day, the following are the natural deodorant brands you need to try. They are easy to buy, easy to love, actually pretty to display in your medicine cabinet, and perhaps most importantly, they really work.

Tom’s of Maine

This brand has always prided itself on using only sustainable and preservative-free ingredients that are derived from nature. The deodorants come in a wide variety of scents and formats (from a stick to a roll-on), and they all contain odor neutralizing botanicals that will keep you feeling fresh but will also let your skin breathe.

Milk & Honey

Milk and Honey Natural BeLatina
Photo Credit MilkandHoney.com

There’s something for everyone with this brand of all natural deodorants (among other skincare products) — whether you have a baking soda sensitivity, you need extra strength protection, you prefer a cream deodorant or a stick applicator. Founder Alissa Bayer was on a mission to create products that are clean, safe, and effective, but that are also beautiful and luxurious to use. And her vision shows, from the packaging to the branding and the product itself.

Corpus Vegan Deodorant

Corpus deodorant is 100% natural, and vegan, made only from naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts. The water-based formula is long lasting, and according to the website it works best when applied to dry skin so that you don’t dilute the formula.


This brand (produced in California) only uses safe, natural ingredients such as Shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil and probiotics. It comes in eight scents and if you can’t choose, you can always build your own variety pack or opt for a travel pack with five sample-size deodorant bars. The packaging is adorable and modern, and they even have a sensitive skin collection if that’s something you’re worried about.

Primal Pit Paste

You gotta love a product name that says exactly what it is and makes you laugh a little. From creamy pastes to beeswax-based sticks, this deodorant promises to keep your skin soft, odor-free and healthy without any harsh chemicals. It works thanks to baking soda (which neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor), arrowroot powder (keeps you dry while allowing your skin to breathe), organic coconut oil and Shea butter (to soothes skin) and essential oils (for fragrance).

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

With tons of scents to choose from, from seasonal fragrances like Holiday Spice and Snow Day to classics like Lavender and Sage or Rose and Vanilla, this award-winning natural deodorant stick is a must-try. It also comes in jar form, and all products use a completely chemical-free formula that provides odor protection in a non-greasy texture.

PiperWai Natural Charcoal-Based Deodorant

Photo Credit Piperwai.com

Charcoal-based deodorant is another hot trend in the natural beauty product world. It uses activated charcoal to absorb wetness, plus a combination of several essential oils to mask odor. And while both the stick and cream form look gray and cloudy in their applicators, when applied the deodorant forms an invisible, absorbent shield on your armpits.

Dove Aluminum Free Deodorant

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Even Dove has gotten on board the natural deodorant train, at least, partially. They now offer a 0% aluminum deodorant, which has no aluminum and 0% alcohol, but still keeps skin feeling fresh, soft, smooth and protected from body odor.

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