How to Start Healing Your Relationship With Your Mother According to Your Star Sign

Healing your relationship with your mother BeLatina Latinx
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Few would disagree that mother-daughter relationships run deep, sometimes confusing and often complicated. We may reject their ways, embrace them wholeheartedly or rely on their lived experience as a guide of how to live- or how not to live. Here we look to the wisdom of the stars as a guide for how to begin healing your relationship with one of the most powerful figures in our lives: our mother. 

This month of March, we experienced all planetary players going direct (greater ease and flow), and the New moon in Pisces on the 13th brought in a time where healing, understanding, and forgiveness are highlighted. 

The Full Moon in diplomatic and communicative Libra with the sun in Aries (Hola Spring!) is a powerful lunation for taking a closer look at relationships and interpersonal dynamics. 

Libra is a cardinal air sign that moves us to take the initiative to create more balance in relationships. We may not have a tidy resolution, but when is anything truly tidy in life? Being at peace with the mess, who we are, and how we stand in our relationships can move us towards self-acceptance and greater peace — and that is priceless! 

Many of us unconsciously hold on to hurts and want an apology or some type of retribution, so we keep waiting and waiting. The Piscean portal supported releasing hurts, going with the flow, and true intuition invites us to dive deep and unshackle ourselves. The Full Moon on the 28th invites us to release grace and see the other person’s perspective in our move towards harmony. We will feel lighter and more inspired to move forward with other relationships as we continue to heal our relationship with our mother.

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Fire Signs

If you’re a fire sign, cultivating your energy and passion by healing any mindsets that hold you back from being as bold as you were born to be is highly important for you. 

You’re a natural leader, and your true destiny is the ability to take risks and explore what best for you. You tend towards impatience because you want it all NOW! Breathe, because as the saying goes: “you can have it all but perhaps not all at the same time.” 

Aries: You are the first sign of the zodiac and quite headstrong. As a kid, you were six going on 16. A huge part of you couldn’t wait to explore the big, wide world and figure it out on your own! Be honest with yourself and assess if some of your mom’s advice was on target. Begin to make peace that you may live life differently, and she may not understand your intense independence- but she definitely would like you to lean on her more. She may have wanted more time to coddle you rather than chase you as you run after your dreams. 

Leo: Your sunny and creative disposition may have been the balm of healing your mother needed when you were a child. A natural-born performer, you may have kept everyone laughing and amused as a child. On the other hand, if she didn’t pay as much attention to you as needed, your intense creativity went inwards and grew even deeper. As you grow older, you start to understand her circumstances and seek your own place to shine. Know that you are lovable and creative beyond what you can imagine and whether or not your mom shows you- you deserve to shine and to love and be loved. Being playful, celebrating your mom’s wins, and having late-night talks are ways of healing. 

Sagittarius: Freedom-loving and quite the adventurer, Sagittarius daughters need space. You were probably making friends from other cultures and interested in traveling from a young age. Hurt can come if your mother wasn’t as open to new ways of healing, learning, or growing- because that energy is everything to you. Healing can happen as you ask her what she would like to spend the afternoon doing rather than taking her on an adventure she may not be ready for. Take a walk, go out in nature and listen to each other.

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Earth Signs 

If you’re an earth sign, cultivate your peace and calm by actually looking at past hurts rather than pushing through, ignoring them, or acting like it’s no big deal. This allows you to build a beautiful life that you can thrive in! Earth signs are tough survivors, and breaking free from patterns of playing it safe allows you to thrive in the most creative of ways. Is your current life a reaction to your mom’s choices? 

Safe doesn’t mean coloring within the lines. Your earthy creativity is full of resourcefulness and strength. Look at all your choices and know that sometimes we need to knock down old foundations to build a new one- with your determination, you are unstoppable! 

Taurus: You were probably mom’s helper and very relaxed- until crossed, and then watch out! It takes a lot to get you very upset, so there can be a tendency not to communicate about what bothers you. Watch out for stubbornness on both ends. Being right can cost you. Embrace your truth and allow your mom to live hers. Accepting each other will be tremendously healing. 

Virgo: Observant, inner-focused, and loving; you’re more sensitive to criticism than most know. You have incredibly high standards for yourself and others. If your mom has inspired confidence in you: you’re happy to travel together and explore new things as adults. If there was criticism: it’s important to unpack how that has formed your own mindsets, so you can be more compassionate with yourself and enjoy each other more. Enjoying some activities together that allow your minds to rest and your bodies to move can be tremendously healing!

Capricorn: A born leader and trailblazer, you may have had to take intense stands for your views, choices, and careers. Your mom may be a pioneer herself but may have debated you on how to live your life. You thrive on consistency and a clear path to your success. If your mom was too artsy or “woo woo,” you may have knocked heads. You may also have been her protector and may still not agree with her choices. If that’s the case, it’s ok not to be the child-parent and just be the daughter. You are allowed to sit back and put your feet up; you’re truly not responsible for everyone and everything in your life.

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Air Signs

If you’re an air sign, it’s all about communication for you- being seen and heard and connecting with others in the realm of ideas means everything to you. In fact, talking itself allows you to understand yourself, your hidden patterns, and what you truly desire. Cultivating true inner dialogue and that honest communication with your mother will let the healing flow. Practice affirming the positive in your relationship with your mother. Words of affirmation may be essential for you to receive and to give-especially with your mom! 

Gemini: Some say you were talking to your mom from the womb! You were born to share and report on the world around you. You may have started talking before the other kids, and you’re still out-talking them! You probably kept your mom up to date with all the gossip at school as well. Most Gemini’s need grounding and to feel connected to your body. Your mom may remind you to keep your feet on the ground. She’s probably not being critical; it’s more her worry that you may not see what’s right in front of you. Your communication skills are a true gift, and it’s crucial to discern how you use them! Ask your mom questions, listen and explore new subjects together! 

Libra: Lovely, artistic, and often people-pleasing, it’s very important to keep an inner balance of what you need and what people keep asking from you. If your mom had good boundaries, this will be an excellent foundation for you. If they were wobbly and she often gave too much, that’s part of the healing you’re looking at. It’s ok to say no, even to your mom. Art galleries, social events, and all things that require some glamming up may be what you both need!

Aquarius: Born visionary and humanitarian, you strive for a career that fulfills your purpose and makes the world a better place. Your mom may have inspired and/or supported your natural inclinations. Aquarius, you are truly dancing to the beat of your own drummer! Your mom might not understand at all and wish you were more conventional or, on the contrary, leading the pack right up there with you! Long conversations, debates on social injustices, and envisioning a better world are ways to continue the healing!

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Water Signs

Cancer: Nostalgic, romantic, and deeply intuitive, your mom may have tried to “toughen” you up or, on the contrary, babied you. Being understood and truly seen is very important for your emotional health. You always notice the vibes in the room and can detect when someone is not being honest with you. You are so productive and resourceful that many may not know how sensitive you are. Share your feelings with your mom. However, she may receive them or not because it’s essential for you to give voice to your feelings and release any emotions weighing you down. 

Scorpio:  Born with depth and unsurpassed loyalty, honestly, directness and passion are important for you to feel fully alive. Perhaps the first to bring questions about sex to your mom or share the wisdom with your friends, you are beyond curious about what makes everything tick! Your mom may know that she has one powerful daughter and may have mishandled your depth, or maybe she is swimming in the depths with you and at times feel telepathic! If your mom was iffy about embracing her power, forgive her and allow yourself to embrace yours. It’s your time now. Both speaking deeply, asking about the things that transformed her, and sharing your experiences, as well as making time to laugh and enjoy, will be very healing for your relationship!

Pisces: Dreamy, sensual, and a natural psychic sponge that picks up energy wherever you go. Having a safe space to be creative and manifest your dreams is very important for your healing.  Remember that feelings aren’t necessarily facts, yet they are a potential guide for hidden triggers or mindsets that no longer serve who you are now and how you want to live. Your mom may have been plugged into your cosmic flow and supported quietly or felt overprotective with you — even as an adult! Opening communication around boundaries, dreams, and trust is at the heart of healing, as well as forgiving others for the times you felt unheard or not allowed to ride your own wave.