I AM HERE TO, a Platform For Healing, Reconciliation, And Finding Joy

I AM HERE TO Platform BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of iamhereto.com

With all our technology and resources floating around the Internet, we can easily get lost looking for the right resources for our needs. Luckily, innovative platforms such as I AM HERE TO make it more accessible by creating niche services to help our communities, such as advocating for our activists’ mental health. 

This platform is important because sometimes we don’t realize that our leaders also need resources for their mental health. The only way for our voices to be heard is through these empowering activists, and for these activists to do so, they need to take care of their mental health.

We contacted one of the co-founders, Ariela Suster from El Salvador, who, with Jamira Burley, has created I AM HERE TO to enable people to have a positive impact and change the narratives of people of color that only centers around trauma. 

What are ways that I AM HERE TO help activists in their work?

As activists and social impact strategists, we have personally experienced trauma and violence rooted in systemic oppression and injustice. Yet, we know firsthand the transformative power of leveraging lived experiences into advancing progress for marginalized communities. We believe firmly that returning to joy is an essential step in dealing with trauma that comes with being part of communities that have been historically and systematically oppressed. 

What are the goals that you both have for I AM HERE TO post-Pandemic? As we navigate this trauma, we are also aware of all the post-stress it will create. How is I AM HERE TO preparing for that? 

I AM HERE TO’s products are centered around our proprietary Return to Joy methodology, including a signature journal, workshops, and keynotes. Our Ignite Your Inner Power Journal is based on our own lived experiences of finding ways to get unstuck, reframe challenges into opportunities and return to joy. With the journal, participants will have access to video content, a private online community, and live workshops. 

What is I AM HERE TO’s steps to achieve the mission of nurturing these activists and upcoming leaders?

I AM HERE TO is a multi-generational media and lifestyle brand for the outliers, the advocates, the change-makers, the allies of marginalized communities to heal, build, and ignite positive impact in their lives, their community, and the world.

 I AM HERE TO creates a mindful journey with personal development tools that include journals, books, merchandise, videos, podcasts, and corporate workshops that cultivate, celebrate, and elevate underrepresented, marginalized, and diverse voices. 

Lastly, how did I AM HERE TO come to be, and what are your goals for this platform?

My life is evidence that each one of us can find power in our pain and create positive change first in our own life and positive impact in the world. I AM HERE TO inspires people to face their own obstacles and fears and be part of a solution. As a Latina woman, I am excited to take my own experiences and use them to empower others to create positive change.