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‘I Am Vanessa Guillen,’ The Film of The Late Fort Hood Soldier, Is Out This Month

‘I Am Vanessa Guillen,’ The Film of The Late Fort Hood Soldier, Is Out This Month belatina latine
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Vanessa Guillen’s life story was one of many unheard voices that demanded a change in the US Army. As we may recall, in 2020 she was murdered at the Fort Hood military base, which rose questions of safety and misconduct – including rape and sexual abuse – behind the US Army’s walls.

Her wrongful murder was so impactful that it will be shown on Netflix through a film “I Am Vanessa Guillen,” which will be released on November 17.

Here’s what the film will entail. 

What will the new film show?

Her story called for justice, and her family became advocates for not only Guillen but others who have or are going through the same unfortunate – and shocking – circumstances. How is it possible that soldiers devote their lives to a government that doesn’t have their backs in return? 

Guillen captured the media’s attention and continues to be a serious topic to be discussed – thanks to her family that remain resilient and continues to demand answers and much-needed change from the military.

The film’s press release, “I Am Vanessa Guillen” shows how Guillen’s sisters carried her name from protests in the streets to the halls of Washington, D.C. It captures behind-the-scenes footage of their pursuit to “change a deeply rooted, controversial military justice system.”

The 95-minute film also features interviews with family and friends as well as elected officials like Rep. Jackie Spears and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

It was directed by Christy Wegener, produced by “Mija’s” Isabel Castro, and executive produced by Story Syndicate’s Dan Cogan, Liz Garbus, Jon Bardin, and Nell Constantinople.

What’s currently happening with Vanessa Guillen’s family?

In August, BELatina News reported that the Guillen family was calling for $35 million dollars from the US government due to sexual harassment, abuse, assault, rape, sodomy, and wrongful death.

Though it may take years for this to be decided by the three-judge panel from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court, we hope that this film and other advocacy, such as further social media movement, remind us that justice remains to be served.

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